1 in 5 Ghanaian men get prostate cancer

Prostate cancer
Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Disparities: This is Unacceptable!
For every disease there is a country where it does not exit. Prostate cancer is more peculiar to the black communities and black ancestry is a key risk factor.

Prostate cancer
Prostate cancer

There are lots of disparities when it comes to the subject prostate cancer! It is hitting black men very hard! 1 in 5 Ghanaian men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime (MHFG 2015) we must rise up! This month is a global prostate cancer awareness month.

I am therefore entreating all men to check their prostate or you can also invite Men?s Health Foundation Ghana to your church, office or club to educate the men and women on prostate cancer. We can form a partnership to help reduce the prostate cancer disparities in the black communities by 2015.

Some have started asking whether it is really true that God created us all in his image because all the bad things are hitting hard on the black race!

For Men?s Health Foundation Ghana; we are men united fighting Prostate Cancer, Our Manhood at a time.
Prostate cancer is a central issue to men’s health, with unacceptably high mortality in black men.
Breast cancer strikes 1 in 10 black women yet they have a mammogram to save lives.

Prostate cancer strikes 1 in 4 black men yet no screening test, so where is our manogram to save our lives?
Prostate cancer is more common than breast cancer.

Early detection 100% survival in 5yrs, late diagnosis 28% survival in 5years.
Survival rate also depends on where men leave
Prostate cancer kills a man every 18 minutes
Prostate cancer discriminates 250% deadly in black men and likely to die when diagnosed.

It?s about men! It?s about prostate cancer. We need accurate diagnostic tool like the mammogram
Let us raise little David high enough to challenge Golliath, challenge the System and challenge the status quo-The PSA Test!

The cure for cancer is not a luxury, it is a human need. No man should use this need to profit for their personal gains. Something is wrong when we let people die for money

Just as a healthy breast is also good for men. A healthy prostate is also good for women, because the nerves that help men get erections surrounds the prostate so if the nerves get damage the man is in doom, no sex life and also affects the woman.

Satanic forces can affect the prostate gland
There are about three satanic forces that can torment the prostate gland.
The cells in the prostate can increase that can lead to enlarged prostate-BPH
It can also be infected ?Prostatitis

Demons like cancer can affect it
The demon-Prostate cancer is abnormal growth of cells in the prostate gland. The cells don?t know how to obey the body system but rather do whatever they want with the body
They can spread fast or slow

The church in Ghana can play an important role in the fight against the disease by increasing awareness and organizing yearly programs to the men to fight against this demon
Faith and information makes the church whole.

Men?s Health Foundation Ghana, We stand for the end of disease, the end of suffering.
We fit in this world as men, of all kinds, shapes and sizes.
We share one important value.

In this noisy world, we want you to hear the truth.
We want to be clear what being diagnosed with cancer is about.
We honor great patients?that?s who we are?thats what we are about.

We honor ourselves and those who love us, those who take care of us, those who only know us from these
Our core value is that we believe truth comes from experience.

We believe that people want to end cancer, and help us fight Prostate Cancer.
We honor those people?people who are living and those who are dead.
Those who use their brains and resources to end cancer.
So I can live better.

So I can keep enjoying life.
All of us, keep enjoying life.

We are pushing for father?s day as a national prostate cancer day in Ghana to enable awareness
May everyone be happy!

May there never be a disharmony in anywhere in the prostate
May our prostate be healthy
May we leave long like the Okinawan?s and the Hunza?s without prostate diseases!

May we never sleep on duty because of prostate cancer treatment which affects our sex life?
May we reclaim our Manhood as Men!
We are Men United fighting against prostate cancer. See you next week

By : Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu:ND,MSc,PhD

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