Are you looking for personal growth and development? Are you looking for ways to improve your self? Worry no more because this article will give you 10 killer tips on how to improve and develop your self.

1) ?Create an inspirational environment. It is like a sanctuary wherein you energize yourself. It could be your bedroom. Set the tone and mood of your room to help you get inspired everyday. For instance, use happy colors with your furniture or paint. Clean and organize your room.
2) ?Start creating a handbook of your life. This will contain your personal mission and vision. Write down your life?s objectives, goals and values. It will greatly help if there?s something you can refer to. This handbook is some sort of manual to help you take the right path and reach your goals.
3) ?Ask someone for a challenge. A healthy competition is one of the great ways to improve your self and grow. For instance, you can ask your siblings for a financial challenge ? whoever will have the highest savings for one year will win. Remember, in any healthy challenge, the situation is win-win: both of you will win in the competition.
4) ?Learn to accept your flaws. You need to understand, acknowledge and address your flaws. List down your flaws and how will you be able to work on it. For instance, you are hot-tempered. Let?s say you have a big project. Your subordinates did not do what you are expecting from them. What you need to do is before starting in any project with your team, you have to set your standards and expectations.
5) ?You need to move and get into action. One way of learning is taking into action.

Once you wait for something to be done for you, you will never accomplish anything. You are responsible to take actions to see improvements in your life.
6) ?Learn from other people?s lives. Sometimes, you do not need to get through the process in order for you to learn the lesson. You can learn different lessons about life through learning from other people?s experiences. For instance, your friend?s marriage life ended because he cheated. You do not have to go through the same experience to learn the lessons about marriage life ? what you must not do and do.
7) ?Get inspirations from others. Think of all the people whom you admire and inspire you. Let their qualities be present in you as well. For instance, you like the leadership qualities of the president. Apply and live with the same traits and qualities of your favorite leader to become a great leader as well.
8) ?Stay away from pessimist and negative people. Do not waste your time with people who does only is to complain, whine, and share their grudges. Most of the time, these people will drag you to failure.
9) ?Learn from your friends. The friends who surround you possess different positive qualities. Get their positive qualities. Speak with them if you have to in order for you to get tips from them to possess the same positive qualities they have.
10) ?Learn to mingle with difficult people. There are times that you cannot avoid dealing with difficult people. For instance, in your workplace. You need to know people management skills. ? ?

The above 10 killer tips on how improve your self have been effective for a lot of people. Become one of them to see immediate changes and development in your life.

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