100,000 Jobs for Unemployed Graduates A Laudable Act By President Akufo Addo

Nation Builders Corps (NABCO)
Nation Builders Corps (NABCO)

Wonders, they say shall never end. “If one wakes up in the morning and does not hear of a wonder, then it is a taboo”. A nice adage by our forefathers.

Indeed NDC is a wonder party. They do not seize to amaze Ghanaians. You see, when they go on their “unity walk” and they see those handful of their members who benefited enormously from the “loot and share” administration, they begin to assume that the whole of Ghana is following them.

Nothing seems good in the sight of the NDC. I can give Ghanaians a litany of policies and programmes that Nana Akuffo Addo and his government have implemented that the NDC sees it as bogus and unimportant. I am sure Ghanaians don’t have short memories and therefore can adequately remember the following:

1. That the free SHS policy will collapse very soon. They therefore climbed rooftops and made all the noise on earth to discredit it.

2. That the one District, one factory ( 1D1F) policy is a sham and that it won’t see the light of day.

3. That Nana Addo cannot institute the special prosecutor promise. Even when Martin Amidu was appointed they took him to the supreme court just to make sure he is stripped off the title.

4. That the Akuffo Addo’s government cannot restore the almost collapsed NHIS. However, the huge debt that was dilibitating against the has been paid.

5. That the government’s digital address system is a fluke.

6. That the government’s flagship policy of ‘Ghana beyond aid’ is a mere rhetoric.

7. That the government absorbing the registration fees of final year students of JHS and slashing half the school fees of final year students of SHS is a propaganda and that the government is throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians.

8. That one village one dam is not feasible and that the government wants to score cheap political points.

9. That planting for food and jobs is just a political gimmick but the government has raised Agriculture from -0.4% to an appreciable level of 7.5% and above.

10. That the government cannot fix the economy but currently, interest rate is down with inflation hitting a single digit of 9%.

11. That the fight against Galamsey menace is a sham and unimportant to the extent that the former President John Mahama has promised to bring back Galamsey when he is voted back to power.

I can go on and on and on. I decided to serialize only 11 of those. What at all on earth can NDC believe NPP can do and has done?.

No wonder, they are still in the wonderland dreaming as usual. The NDC under the IMF conditionalities put embargo on employment in Ghanna for close to five (5 ) years. Look at the backlog of graduates that were piled up. From all sectors of the economy employment was very tight. It continued to an extent that only NDC sympathisers were been employed with the limited space available. Those who got opportunities too had to pay huge sums of money in order to get employment.

Today, through the government’s foresight and ingenuity Nations Builders Corps – NABCO has been established to absorbed 100,000 unemployed graduates with a standard pay of GH 700.00 and still NDC is fighting tooth and nail against it. They are given it all sort of names. Their communicators call it Nana,Bawumia Company ( NABCO). Again, they are instigating the youth against this laudable idea and telling them not to apply.

The NDC and their surrogates are very funny . They sometimes assume the whole of the Ghanaian populace as their followers, therefore they can tell us anything they want. They think Ghanaians don’t reason and that if Ghanaians see a good government they can’t recognize it. What did they do to solve the unemployment threat of this country when they were at the helms of affairs?.

I can give a sigh of relief when upon my checks over 72,000 graduates have applied to be on this programme. To the doubting Thomases of the NDC, They can tickle themselves and laugh. If you are a serious unemployed graduate and you listen to these NDC propagandists, I am afraid you will laugh at the wrong side of your mouth. They are nothing but saboteurs, nation wreckers, a gang of loot and share brigade who don’t think about anything but power, power, power to destroy the nation.

NDC, never again.

Kudos to Nana Addo and his government. May the Good Lord continue to shape your vision to give Ghanaians the best governance we have not experienced before.

Long live Ghana.

*Dr. APC’s Desk*


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