Rev Felicia Adu-Kumi
Rev Felicia Adu-Kumi

The GA Presbytery Singing Bands’ Union (GPSBU) has called for peace, unity and stability ahead of the November 7, 2016 Elections at their 20th Annual Delegates Conference and Thanksgiving Service held at the Salvation Congregation (New Achimota District)

Rev Felicia Adu-Kumi
Rev Felicia Adu-Kumi
In an exclusive interview with Rev. Victor Oko Abbey, Chairperson of the GA Presbytery added that political leadership is from God, and He wants his people to be managed well and it has been placed in the hands of our political leaders.

“We have the opportunity to be part of electing our leaders, therefore it is my prayer that we as Christians to see election as a sacred duty from God and not to allow politicians who are selfish and greedy to manipulate us, especially our youth.

Rev. Felicia Adu-Kumi, District Minister of New Achimota, stressed on the need to maintain the peace and stability we are enjoying in this country.

Preaching on the theme; “The Anointing of the Holy Spirit”, under maintaining the unity through music at the Salvation Congregation-Mile 7, Rev. Felicia urged Christians to stay united, as most of the music they sing in church emphasize on unity.

She advised politicians to devoid from politics of ethnicity and tribalism as they campaign to canvass for votes in this year election. She added that, “We are one people created by God and politics must not divide us”.

Mr. Kwaku Owusu-Aidoo, President of the GA Presbytery Singing Bands’Union revealed that there has been some changes in the GA Presbytery singing band. “Due to the widespread of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana we have demarcated the GA Presbytery into three sections, that’s GA Presbytery, GA West Presbytery and Tema Presbytery to make work easy for our Reverend Ministers and us the foot soldiers”.

He stated that the GA Presbytery has about 35 districts under his supervision, but under the demarcation GA East will comprise of 8 districts and GA West 8 district. “Kaneshie and its environs will fall under GA West and Tema and its environs will fall under GA West”.

He added that the demarcation does not divide us, we are one body and we going to do our activities together. The Demarcation is only done to make the work easy for Rev. Ministers and the Foot soldiers, it is not done on tribal and ethnic divide”, Mr. Kwaku Owusu-Aidoo maintained.

He advised Ghanaians to go out and vote on the Election Day and vote wisely. He added that Ghanaians should not sell their conscience but vote for a leader that will have positive effect on their lives.

-Isaac Obeng
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