2016 In Review – A Year of Too Many Deaths

Ghana Police Service

The year 2016 arguably will go down in history as one of the most deadliest in the in the history of the Ghana Police Service.

The year began with one accident after the other then accentuated to attacks from alien herdsmen to killings by armed robbers who see us as a hindrance to their trade.

From the Axim to Zebila, from every police region they attacked and succeeded in killing some of our men for doing their work.

Ghana Police Service
Ghana Police Service

The more they kill us, the stronger we become in fulfilling our mandate to the people in terms of protecting lives and property.

They cannot eliminate us but this is what the Ghanaian people should know…

When these robbers succeed in killing a single police officer, they invariably put the lives of five hundred Ghanaians at risk because according to the United Nation’s standard ratio for number of police per population, every nation is supposed to have one policeman is five hundred people.

A simple computation of this against a population like ours which is about twenty six million and compare it to the loss of Eight police officers who were killed in line of duty in 2016 and you will come to the conclusion that over Eight hundred people have been denied police protection through these senseless killings of cops.

It is refreshing however to note that the police administration took it upon itself to honour these fallen heroes by erecting a cenotaph at the national police training school Accra on which names of these heroes have been engraved in gold.

It is time our people come to the realisation that it is better to live with a police officer who is ready and willing to damn the consequences and die for his nation than to live without one.

In rain and in shine, the police just so that you can live in peace to see another day to talk bad about him – call him names, call him the most corrupt public official, call him koti, aban and so on.

When you kill a police officer, you kill an entire community of five hundred people that he has sworn to protect through tick and thin. In danger and in despair.

Think about this!

When you call the police corrupt in your attempt to make us unpopular and easy targets, you must know that is something we can always work with you to correct or to remove entirely.

But when you kill a police officer, support the killing of a police officer, or shield the killers of cops, there is nothing that can be done to bring him back.

Which would you prefer? To loose a brave officer through attacks or having him protect you and still endure insults from you?

The death of a police officer is just another piece of news for the media. They choose to talk about it, or ignore it completely.

On the television, our death usually will not be given the same prominence like when a few of our own err and get caught on camera.

On radio, news of our deaths hardly make headlines because most of them think our lives don’t matter.

All of these conspiracies don’t brake us they rather strengthen our resilience and resolve to protect the lives and property of the Ghanaian people.

Because we know that amongst all the people sent from the heavens above to this land called Ghana, we are amongst the few called to take care of the rest of the security of the country so that everyone else can sleep in peace.

Rest in peace comrades.

Dedicated to the memory of Adubah Albert, a former colleague at the National Security and Albert Ahiave a mate of mine at the Detective Training Academy Accra.

Abdul Hanan Mohammed EL-Saeed
Chiraa Police Station
Sunyani District/BA

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