2016: “professional prostitution” time to make money

The tenacity of which they ply their trade mostly fascinates me. Funny enough, that is someone’s profession though while others do it as a hobby.


I get scandalized when I see vibrant, energetic and beautiful young ladies stationed at vantage points exchanging sex for money.


Gosh! I can never be a prostitute.


Wait a minute! What did I just say? I can never be a prostitute? Well, friends ignore it. Guess it’s a hangover talk. Yes, hangover. I went binge drinking yesterday.

It was fun at the honorable minister’s party. Who cares if I had no invite? What matters is I was there and made a lot of new pals and acquaintances.

I’m a young lady of 24 years and a secretary at a law firm. I earn 400ghs monthly. My office sees quite a huge number of people with different social statuses daily.

My bosses want me dressed classy and sleek daily irrespective of my earnings. I can’t afford to lose this job too for this is my only hope for survival.

Unfortunately, I’m light skinned and pleasing to every man’s eye. Lawyer Ogohogho finds me attractive and he is the Lord at my office. Well he slept with me before I had this job so ‘riding’ him is a normal practice.

He sometimes misbehave towards me, especially when his numerous acquaintances are around. Anyway, I can’t be bothered. He’s not my taste but I had to succumb for a job.

Once in a while he drops some cash for my upkeep and that’s after riding him hard and hot.
Mum got hospitalized and I had to fall on Lawyer Patrice, but not without warming his bed.

This is what I do to keep up life in the capital. But obviously that isn’t prostitution. It’s a shame and I pity those who parade the streets for peanuts in exchange for sex. I’m a lady of dignity and won’t sell myself for money.

Aha! At the honorable minister’s party, I met this man who looked huge and rich. Quickly I initiated a conversation pretending to have met him before.

Damn! he was such a nut. He understood my language and we exchanged digits. Left his side and made other friends whom I can gain from later in the year. Some of the parliamentary aspirants at the party seemed to like me and had a hearty chat. I made as many contacts as I could like the ant storing food ahead of a famine season.

Surprisingly, I had only 20gh left on me and if I should use that for a cab back home, I was sure I’m gonna starve today. I approached this known radio and TV politician.

Flattered him a bit with his sense of humor and knowledge on national issues. He requested I escort him to his car so he gets me his business card. I had to act fast and smart. In the car, I forced-kissed him and he fell for it. Gave him a perfect blow job which saw him screaming like a kid who has seen ‘bentoa’.

He needed the real act. My first time though having it in a car. Yes we made out in the car. He was full of smiles after and gave me 2000ghs. It was my first time receiving such a big amount from a man. I forgot the card and left the party.

Just with a bang, I’m sure of being able to rent a single room self-contained apartment.
Independent lady, here I come!!!

2016! A year of decision. Ghana goes to the polls. Politicians become cheerful givers. Majority of them will do anything and everything for votes. My sure bet of owning a car.

I can’t afford to slack this year. My mind is automatically geared towards political issues. I need to be a pro in that field.

Those who deserve to be served the blackmailing coffee will have it in bed, robbery lunch and deceits dinner will be served hot and juicy. Law is a profession handled by professionals.

Well I’m also a professional to be in a law firm and will be a professional ‘choppee’ to potential ‘choppers’ this year.

Surely, I will buy a 4 wheel drive this year but I so won’t engage in prostitution. That’s nasty!!!

I only sleep with men professionally.

Source: Maame Broni, Kasapa 102.3FM

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