2020: Review of Knii Lante’s Music


My brother ( the Dr ) and I ( the musician ) are very grateful 🤣

To the KPAAASH movemento , Lanterns family, friends and family….. Thank you for the support and love throughout this year. I’m truly very grateful. We were able to drop 6 songs this year .

*Humanity* , my love song to all front health workers fighting the pandemic COVID-19 was the first song we released this year. It had great air play both within Ghana and internationally. We even had a retweet from the American singer The Dream.

*I just want to *

Produced by DatBeatGod is a classic Afrobeat jam. It was on rotation in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana . The video has over 150k organic views on YouTube. The ladies love it 😍

*Mi Naa Bo Po* meaning “I don’t get you saf 🤣” was for all the ladies dems. An afrobeat song produced by Genius Selection targeted to street love . We got over 4 weddings requesting live performance of the song , but our enemy Abonsam Covid prevented that .

*Yawa Dey* oh yes , this song took off like a rocket 🚀, I’m sure you saw some of the funny videos my team put together with Akrobeto laughing at the end. Yes that was us , we started it all with Yawa Dey which featured Fameye. A Nigerian comedy skit refixed with the Yawa Dey audio under went viral within the Nigerian community; the video got over 500k views on Facebook. You can check it out on my Facebook page , very hilarious. The song also did very well in Ghana . All sorts of “Yawa” videos were curated and now sent to us 😂😂😂from fans all over and we had a great time enjoying and sharing the videos. Thank you very much , “YawaDey” was a success on social media . The official animation video released a couple of weeks ago is also climbing steadily and has netted over 50k views on YouTube.

*Ghana Naija * at a time when #endsars was at its peak in Nigeria 🇳🇬, we had just dropped “Ghana-Naija” to commemorate the independence anniversary and the long lasting friendship between the two countries . The song did quite well. We tried to highlight the love relationships between Ghanaians and Nigerians. In fact let’s rededicate the song to the freshest Ghana and Nigeria 🇳🇬 power couple Nana Asante Bediatuo and Madam Sarah Olufemi Aditola .

Do you know any other Ghanaian and Nigerian couple?If yes , then you need to share the song with them as well ….

*Fantastic* is a hot dance song featuring Coded of 4×4 which was dropped in September 2020. A dance challenge was launched and we got lots of dancers sending in videos . The winner who was named Sub Zero walked away with a brand new Phone and a customized hoodie . I’m sure you have seen a video of Akuffo Addo and John Mahama dancing for peace ✌🏿, yes we made it and guess what , it currently has one million views on Facebook alone. The video went viral across the globe and is arguably the biggest dance skit out of Ghana in recent memory. When we shot it we never in our wildest dreams thought it would go so big and we would like to give a big shout out to everyone who shared , posted , liked and commented on the post .


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