2022’s Top 3 Luxury Custom Watch Trends To Watch Out For Per Experts At Designa Individual Watches

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Time might be an illusion, but watches are real. Real and so intimately fascinating that they have managed to capture the imagination of millions of people since its inception. What makes a humble time-telling piece so desirable? How does it help us express ourselves? The answer, according to the experts at Designa Watches is simple. We love watches because they’re a symbol of life. The greatest symbol, perhaps, if you think about it. Meanwhile, here are the top 3 luxury custom watch trends of 2022 as per the DiWexperts.

Titanium is the new black

The underlying look of your watch and that glint it creates in the summer sun is what accounts for its essence. And apart from bronzes and greens, Titanium seems tied for the number 1 place in 2022. DiW’s experts believe, “Titanium is a fairly new player, but its presence in the market among the likes of A. Lange & Söhne’s Odysseus, Oris’s Pro Pilot X, and Ressence’s Type 8, has sparked a keen interest in its future. People, it seems, are interested in some kind of a watch revolution. They are ready for a change.”

Neo-vintage is out

Well, let’s not be too dramatic, but it’s true that our love affair with vintage watches has waned in 2022. For DiW’s experts, it would be trendy this year to “avoid going for neo-vintage. It might sound rather surprising that our global love for anything vintage should suffer at all. But numbers don’t lie, and hi-profile buyers have shown boredom with the self-same vintage patterns and even accused brands of being creatively inert.”

Hello, luxury sport watches

Yes, you read that right. Luxury sports watches are a thing, especially in 2022 where according to DiW’s experts, “ultra hi-end brands like Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Zenith’s Defy Skyline, and Patek Philippe Nautilus, for instance, are making great waves in the luxury timepiece industry! This is perhaps the antidote to the pain some might experience on letting go of another vintage piece, as these luxury sports watches are driving the design game big time. Think intricate geometrical motifs and an overall modern and sleek look, and you get the picture.”

Trends this year indeed seem to hint at some interesting changes in the way we look our ourselves and the world. Let’s see how DiW’s picks will fare.

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