World Cup
World Cup

There seems to be a growing fear amongst the rank and file of football’s governing body as the date of the voting draws near for the host of FIFA’s flagship tournament – the World Cup in 2026.

It is a two-horse race between African nation Morocco and a joint candidacy of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

For once, an African nation is holding sway and looks good to clinch the ticket and this is making a lot of people really scared.

It is no longer a secret that the leadership of FIFA has committed itself to the America bid, promising that they will get it. And this seems to be a big issue, given the fact that more and more nations are coming out to oppose the American bid and automatically favouring the Morocco one.

For once, Africa is united behind Morocco, from what we gather, and are planning to vote en bloc in the Arab nation’s favour on June 13. There is also the issue of the American President Trump and his flippant comments where he labeled nations, many of whom would be voting next month, as ‘s**thole’ countries while defending his weird policy on immigration.

And to add fuel to the anti-America sentiments that are prevailing, there is talk of Russia throwing its weight behind Morocco….just because they can and want to, and because it is another way to settle scores with Trump!

Now the word is out there – FIFA is planning to try and save itself from embarrassment by pushing for the votes of June 13 to be postponed, claiming that the work of the Task Force that was to look into both bids can not be completed within that time. But we all know now that the true reasons are the ones stated above.

There is real fear….and it gives a nice feeling that Africa is the continent that everyone is scared of, because for once, we are not the underdogs!


It has also been said that following a meeting during the recent FIFA Council meeting in Bogota where the Task Force seemingly moved the goalposts of criteria in order to bump Morocco, African leaders in Council got visibly angry and even abstained from voting on the Task Force issue.

There is also a plan afoot that Morocco might be disqualified on the grounds of its inability to satisfy the new criteria set by the said Task Force.

It is on good authority that a resolution has been passed by African leaders in football that should FIFA even contemplate disqualifying Morocco ahead of the June vote, CAF is working on ensuring that there will be a total boycott of the forthcoming FIFA Congress in Moscow on 13 June.

That will be a first – for a whole continent of 54 nations to boycott the FIFA Congress, and that could start to spell the beginning of the end of FIFA. ‘We are not just going to boycott the Congress’ a top CAF insider said, ‘we can pull out of the World Cup…and see how a World Cup will be without Africa’.

Intrigues abound in the football world, and the world is watching.

Source: Patrick Doamekpor

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