Dr. Agnes Adu, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited (GTFC), has indicated that, the company has achieved its expectations and objectives at the end of the 23rd Ghana International Trade Fair (GITF).

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the fair, dubbed: “Made in Ghana, Globally Accepted”, organised by the GTFC in partnership with the local and international businesses to bring a new dimension in the exhibition, Dr. Agnes Adu, said, the company introduced modern marketing technologies for exhibitors to access e–commerce and online platforms to promote and sell their goods and services online, as part of the company’s main focus to make the Fair a memorable and profitable one.

Dr. Adu, said, over the years, GTFCL’s aim had been to support government’s agenda of promoting industrialisation by encouraging Ghanaians to produce, sell and use its own products and services to generate revenue for economic growth.

On the backdrop of that, She said, this year’s fair was focused on SMEs as it aimed at tapping into the energies of the multinational companies to harness the potentials in the SMEs. However, Pavilion B was dedicated to hosting about 140 international companies. Saying, “The reason our focus is on SMEs and will continue to be on SMEs is because they are the group that needs the most help. We don’t just invite SMEs, we invite multinational companies as well, and our hope is to introduce them to each other.”

Dr. Agnes Adu, was with the hope that the Fair would open up many avenues for booth Small and Medium-scale Enterprises to develop, as this year’s fair gave local producers the opportunity to introduce their products to both local and international consumers.

She however, urged all and sundry to support the quest of the company, not only for industrialisation, but for Ghana to become a globally accepted nation with exports and for reduction of its dependency on imports.

Dr. Agnes Adu, expressed her excitement on the positive responses from the exhibitors at this year’s fair. She therefore, noted their preparations for the 2020 International Fair.

As the 2016 International Fair was successfully held in Tamale, She therefore disclosed their plans of hosting the Fair in other regions of the country from next year.

The 23rd Ghana International Trade Fair (GITF), which was organised by the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited (GTFC), to provide a platform for businesses to network and promote their goods and services, spanned for 12-days, commenced on February 28, 2019, and was attended by 10,000 participants and over 500 exhibitors.



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