2D Hologram, A Step Towards Maintaining Your Brand Identity


2d holograms have emerged as safety-valves against the market of duplicate products. It is a safer and a cost effective way to maintain an identity among other competitors and fakers.

Today there is cutthroat competition in the market, where one has to differentiate and innovate in a better way to target its customer so that one can make a presence felt among other competitive products, in the same category. In order to differentiate, one has to build a brand and standardized things, in a way that are unique considering the product or the brand. One can standardize things like packaging style, logo, and holograms etc.

Logos create a brand picture in the mind of the customer and holograms with logo give a certain amount of credibility to the product, which one can associate. There could be 2D or 3D holograms, which a product manufacturer can choose for his product.?2D hologram has become essential for any product, if one cannot opt for 3D one, which is a bit higher priced than 2D ones. 2D hologram gives an identity to a product, and also places itself in the mind of the customer for top of the mind recall. Using a hologram is a way to brand itself effectively and optimally.

Branding helps manufacturers to build a reputation and faith in end user?s mind, which will generate future revenues for the product during its entire lifecycle. In any product, for example, mobile phones, the company that comes to our mind is Apple, which successfully moved from high-end computers to mobile phones, that is all due to branding in innovation. Any standardization of product is needs some standardization techniques like labeling, hologram, etc. that differentiate products.

Hologram is one way to bring the differentiation from other products from the product, which manufacturer is offering. 2D hologram is a way to get a cost effective solution for one of the aspect of branding. One should emphasize on the looks design and appearance of the hologram, which could be in varied choices and could be customized according to the need of the manufacturer. Customizing the holographic labels would be the most secure way to establish, read it maintain, the brand picture and the brand identity. A 2D hologram is quite secured and safe, when it comes to imitate its design and style. It is blueprinted from different layers of images. A holographic sticker is a visual intact of two different layers of images containing the brand logo and the brand message. The process takes place under high security and privacy that no one, except the company and hologram manufacturer, knows the method from which a hologram is created. Moreover, after the process, holograms are pasted using high quality adhesives. These high quality adhesives make these security stickers impossible to be used again.

This type of standardization will surely help a manufacturer to retain his brand in the instant top of the mind recall because a buying decision of a product most of the time depends on the impulse decision taken while looking for a product. And these results into secondary buying and also the reference induced purchases.

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