3 Things To Remember Before Choosing The Perfect Steak: As Per Experts From Chaplin’s Steakhouse & Restaurant

Chaplin's Steakhouse & Restaurant
Chaplin's Steakhouse & Restaurant

For most first-time eaters and sometimes even seasoned steak lovers, choosing the perfect steak is harder than it may seem. This is especially true if you’re particular about how you’d like your steak. Choosing a good steak, therefore, becomes a matter of thought and experience and, when done right, can take the culinary experience to a whole new level. However, if the task seems daunting, fear not because Chaplin Steakhouse & Restaurant is here to help you weather the anxiety and get the perfect steak on your plate. Here are three things that their experts advise you to remember before choosing your steak. Let’s get right to it!

Moist but not wet

This is often a detail that most steak lovers miss out on. It may seem small, and it may even feel overwhelming to be able to judge whether a steak is just moist or wet, but according to the experts at Chaplin Steakhouse & Restaurant, it’s an important detail you can’t afford to miss. They say, “When you buy steak from the supermarket, you need to ensure it’s moist and not wet. One way to ensure that is to see if the tray the steak comes packed in has liquid at the bottom. It’s very likely that the steak is old, and even if you buy it and do the best you can to extract the flavors, chances are your hard work won’t be optimally rewarded. So to ensure freshness and juiciness, avoid wet steaks.”

Firm and cold

The word steak is synonymous with juicy. That’s how most people describe their experience with it. A juicy steak is indeed packed with taste as it contains all the goodness that makes you go wow. To make sure you always land, the experts at Chaplin Steakhouse say, “Whether ribeye, tenderloin, top loin or any other, the best steaks are those which are firm and cold to the touch. Supermarkets often have enough strong refrigeration to keep your steak cold, but if it seems soft or droopy and not hard cold, first-time buyers must best avoid buying them. The coldness is directly related to how hard, or firm the steak is and generally means that the cool temperature has helped it retain all its juices on the inside, which, when fried or grilled, will ooze out and enhance the overall taste.

Know your steak

To the uninitiated, it may seem that there are only a few handfuls of steaks that are available in the market. Experts at Chaplin Steakhouse & Restaurant encourage you to look for more than the most famous, “When you think of steak, what are the first 2 or 3 names that pop into your mind? Now, go out and try something else. If you want high-quality beef for special occasions, go for T-bone. For a wonderful grilling experience, try sirloin flank steak, skirt steak, and tri-tip steak. A good marinade and enough time will give you wonders!”

With these insights from Chaplin Steakhouse & Restaurant’s experts, you can be sure that you are choosing the perfect steak.

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