30 Most Funny & Creative Ghanaian TV Adverts



I?m not much of a TV person but when I do, these adverts make me see what I?ve missed so far. Some of? our TV commercials will either touch you or make you laugh. The cost involved in shooting a good TV commercial is not that for the weak pocket hence big companies shoots the best and the most creative commercials, especially the mobile networks. Scroll though our list for our favorite TV adverts. Click next and let?s go.


Imagine trying to show off with something and it doesn?t even work. This guy found himself in the scenario. I hope you saw the red and blue phones depicting other Mobile networks like Vodafone and Tigo who are their competitors. Watch the advert and judge.

MTN Talk Is Just Cheap TVC

I like the way the guy is talking aggressively. His dancing when the car was moving just make me laugh.

Tigo Number 1

Even though David Oscar was young, this is one of his best jobs ever. I love the concept, not funny but touching.

MTN Mobile Money (Mensaaka)

MTN really set a pace with this one. The term ?Mensaaka? became a local slang everywhere. The funniest part is the kid who asked ?But where is the money?. LOL

MTN Zuko Dance (Azonto)

An insider told us that MTN really had to call?musician Gasmilla?to assist in the making of the azonto moves which he has confirmed. But this is one of my all time favorite MTN commercial of course during the azonto days.

Vodafone Icons (Street Edition)

This commercial is very recent. It?s the commercial for the ongoing Vodafone Icons reality show. I love the whole idea and the commercial cracks me up.

Airtel TVC

There is nothing particular about this commercial but EL?s song for the brand is a masterpiece. I?m sure you know?he?s a brand ambassador to the network right?

MTN Liric Commercial

Besides the fact that the advert has all the MTN ambassadors, this commercial will touch you.

Pomo Rice TVC

There?s nothing annoying as a kid who asks so much questions. I love the creativity in this video.

Vodafone Icons TV

That awkward moment when the waiter and waitresses spoil the birthday song for the guy.

Vodafone Welcome Pack

When you give a girl who loves you airtime, you are going to be the one who?s probably get the most calls LOL

Glo Internet Dongle TVC

This is what you get when you put Reggie Rockstone and Asamoah Gyan together. I love the comparison.

Tigo Hunnie Coochie Coochie

This commercial was a breakthrough to this guy?s acting career. He is actually now known as Hunny Coochie Coochie, thanks to this TVC

Mentos Bounce TVC

There is nothing as painful as being in your best but bounced at the club. I guess Mentos have a solution

Samsung Smartphone TV

The highlight of this advert is the presence of Sarkodie. We only wish that fon had speakers that play like in the advert.

Vodafone Live TVC

This advert came as a surprise to everyone. Having D?Banj and Sarkodie to shoot the commercial. I wonder how much Vodafone paid each of them. Awesome ad by the way.

Vodafone TVC

I guess the ladies know how to run away. They can?t stand a flirt LOL

Vodafone 020 Live TVC

Ludacris? number one fan is in Ghana and dude couldn?t wait to see him. I love this classic

Vodafone Healthline

The man in this video just cracks me up. LMAO. This commercial is my all time favorite.

Melcom TVC

I wonder why Asamoah Gyan wanted to show off to the kid because the kid didn?t seem to care. Awesome advert.

Cargo Drink TVC

Oh! My! Where do they find these women? Three of them in that little car? Hell No, that car can?t move. Check out the dance moves too. ?Aden wo expecte something different anaa? part cracks me up. And the Chinese dude?s laughing.

Kasapa Free Nite Calls

This one is a master piece. I wonder what the woman was saying for 2 hours with an unknown person. LOL

Vodafone 1 Ghana

The guy though LOL

Vodafone Web Box TVC

See how the whole family fight over the gadget. I love this one.

Tigo Cash TVC

I wonder why girls are always jealous when guys are having fun .. clearly the girl wanted to interrupt the guys day.

Glo All Star TVC

The highlight of this commercial is it has all the Globacom ambassadors. From the musicians to the actors and actresses.

Tigo Talk For Free TVC

This advert unveiled ?Shaka Zulu? to the world. I love the creativity.

Sultana Rice TVC

This advert will give you bumps, Missing a friend is not easy. I love it.

Cadbury Zingolo TVC

This advert was shot in the Tinny days, The advert was everybody?s favorite. Massive graphics and edits. Awesome advert right there.

Cowbell TVC

And now my favorite Ghanaian commercial. I love the smartness the kid pull of. Massive creativity in this one. Of course Cowbell can make you extra smarter.

Did we miss any? Let us know which one was your favorite.

Source: OMG Ghana


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