Students report to school on Monday in Hoima District. Photo by Francis Mugerwa

As the 2012 academic term kicked-off on Monday, 40 private schools in Kasese failed to reopen after municipal authorities closed them over lack of required minimum standards.

The closure has affected more than 4,000 pupils and 300 teachers.

The acting municipal education officer, Mr Monday Girivazio, said the affected schools lack facilities such as pit-latrines, water sources, kitchens, bathrooms and grounds for extra-curricular activities.

He added that some of the schools lacked licences and had unqualified teachers.

“Many of these schools use unqualified teachers who are P7 and S4 leavers,” Mr Girivasio said.

Affected parents were seen looking for vacancies at other schools.

They said they opted to take their children to private schools on grounds that they perform better than government schools.

By press time, majority of school proprietors were engaged in frantic efforts to set up the required facilities at their respective schools.

However, some described the closure as “unfortunate and too harsh”.

Mr Girivazio said majority of the boarding schools that were closed lacked adequate space to accommodate the pupils.

Take precaution
He said pupils are congested in small dormitories and risk suffocating.

Kasese Deputy Mayor Faulati Muhindo advised parents to be critical while choosing schools for their children by ensuring that they have the required standards.

The Kasese municipal secretary for works, Mr Didus Baluku, said schools that have no building plans would be demolished in an ongoing exercise that is targeting illegal structures in the municipality.

There are more than 100 schools in Kasese Municipality, of which 60 are private.

Among the 40 schools, four are secondary.

Meanwhile, there was a low turn up in most rural schools in Hoima District.

The district inspector of schools, Mr Deogratius Byabagambi, said some parents had kept their children at home for several reasons, including harvesting crops and fishing.

However, most schools in Hoima Municipality such as Canon Njangali Girls SS, Duhaga SS, Strive SS, Premier SS and Victorious Primary School registered more than 70 per cent turn up of their registered pupils and students.
1.New Eden
2.Brainford Nursery
3.Unity Nursery
4.Eden Preparatory School
5. Rwenzori Valley Nyakasanga East
6.Destiny Primary School
7.Calvary Christian in base camp Primary School
8. Rwenzori Star
9. Dory kindergarten in base camp
10. Riverside Nyakasanga
11.Kasese Cobalt Nursery
12. ZamZam Nursery
13. Ntare Primary School
14. Highland Nursery Nyakasanga-
15. Day light Christian

By Enid Ninsiima & Francis Mugerwa, Daily Monitor



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