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OMG! I totally got this bag for travel to a new love did not need to check and fit under the seat or in the upper compartment and from the organization and it has cool features such as bright yellow inside, and I love to be completely and stuff .. .. But what am I supposed to do ?…. Oh, I know! I’ll take a trip somewhere:) see you here … node/1496 and here .. rel = “nofollow”>

“off the beaten track”, the area Lyngdalsheiði Island

photos WanderingtheWorld (
Below is an excerpt from my travel site href=”” hdr . I went through some of my pictures in Iceland and decided to touch up a couple of them. I laugh when I watch some of my first attempts at HDR photos. Most of the apocalypse like I was shooting. The trick is to balance between touch HDR look like what your eye actually sees. You have to remember that without the camera approaches the processing capability of the human brain and eyes. It’s up to you to take this information and make it as semble.Je I found an interesting article last night to discuss the future of search engines. Google probably knows some competition, not only on Facebook, the social networking front, but Bing Microsoft.Par such as Facebook is a new research method. They believe that future research be social. Instead of searching through the normal Google algorithm focusing on research across the public on the web, Facebook believes that people prefer to look after their friends and recommendations (to consider every time someone recommends a site on Facebook or “nothing”). An example would be if one tries to find a great burger in New York. You do not have what the company was able to overcome Google Algo and find their way to the top of search results. Instead, they rather want to know what your Facebook friends have recommended that their favorite burger in New York. It makes perfect sense in my opinion. Facebook, however, must learn to protect the data stored in the corporate world. Bing, on the other hand, focuses on innovative research techniques in areas that Google has dropped off. For example, I talked to a lot of people who have found a much cheaper flights than any other site Bing. How do they do? Google is a search engine access to real-time flight schedules and fares. Bing, on the other hand use their big money and bought a company called Farecast is “a company that tracks fares over time and uses the data to predict when prices fall.” Incorporating elements such as search engine Bing has gained some market share between them (albeit weak) against Google.Il seems that Google has released its dominance lethargic over the past ten years and have been awake trying to ward off increased competition. article on the changing world of search engines is available at href = / magazine/2010 / 02/ff_google_algorithm/all/1 .

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