45% Believe Cellulite Is More Noted By Women Than By Men – Survey


Aesthetic pressure is a social imposition that impacts all women at different levels. In various societies, female standards create stigmas of what is beautiful and what should be sought to be considered beautiful.

In Brazil, a country with strong culture based on the heat of the tropical climate, one of the major concerns is with cellulite, which is the accumulation of fat that generates “holes” in the body. And while women are the main victims of this standard, a survey shows that 45% of Brazilians believe that women are the main dictators of the body without cellulite. 

The data are from the company Goldincision, which performs corrective procedures of this imperfection. The result also shows that only 8% of the consulted consider that men are the highest responsible for the imposition. “The imposition that came from society has become a pattern imposed by us. Men don’t even notice so much, but women are always looking at each other. It becomes a competition for those who have the most perfect body, without cellulite,” reports one of the interviewees. 

The same research also points out that the biggest impacts of cellulite on women’s lives concern self-confidence and safety to wear all types of clothing, both tied with 34%. Following is the difficulty of performing physical and leisure activities, with 17%, and the intimate relationship, with 15%. 

Regarding the feeling caused by cellulite holes, 58% of women reveal to feel embarrassed by imperfection, especially in summer. Such numbers justify the success of the GoldIncision method, which helps about 3,000 women every year. “Most of these women seek to do the procedure thinking about the hottest season of the year. The months before summer are when we have the greatest demand, as all are already thinking about how to increase their own self-esteem,” explains expert Roberto Chacur.


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