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5 Importance Of Android Application Development


Contemplating Android application development is a great choice as per current market scenario. Though there are plenty of advantages associated with it, following 5 are the major ones which should not be overlooked:

Ease of Development and Customization: Android is an open ecosystem where an android app development practitioners can freely access desired sections of the android code they might need for their apps, through the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).App Rejection is Seldom: Mobile application submission process in Google Play (or Android Marketplace as known earlier) is simple unlike Apple?s App Store. All it takes is submitting an app with a description, setting the price, and… it?s done.Highly Marketable Apps: No can deny the fact that Android has the highest smart phone user base. It captures over fifty per cent of the global smart phone market. Now with such a vast user base, android apps development emerges potentially profitable deal since one create highly marketable mobile app products which will reach larger group of audiences than it might have on smart phone platforms.No Restriction on Development: Android application development professional can make his choices to create mobile apps as per revenue models. For understanding we can draw Facebook?s example where one cannot charge for applications though monetization through in-app advertising and in-app purchases is possible. So it limits developers to create great functional apps which require good investments as well as returns to recover cost at a minimum, which gets difficult with free apps. This is not the case with Android.?Thriving Developers Community: Android app developers? community is thriving most probably because developers are likely to develop for the platform they use themselves. As a result they participate in the community. Now the biggest advantage is that everyone (including newbie) who is providing android app development services can derive mutual gains by helping and solving each others? development related queries. Besides you can opt to outsource your project to an android app development company.

So if you have it on your mind, you should certainly go for it. Best Luck for your project!

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