5 Protein-Rich Foods Recommended After the Gastric Bypass Surgery


Gastric bypass surgery helps you lose excess weight by reducing the body?s ability to absorb calories. With the body being unable to absorb many nutrients and also with your reduced food intake you may suffer from protein deficiency. You need adequate amount of protein after the surgery to avoid losing lean muscle. Your body will require 60-80 grams of protein per day and you must eat food sources rich in protein to meet the daily requirement. The five protein-rich foods that you should consume are:


Meat like chicken, red meat, turkey, beef and pork are rich in protein. A single serving of these food items contains almost 21 grams of protein. These food sources are often difficult to digest, especially after you have had the gastric surgery, in that case you can prepare them by mincing them, creating a broth out of them or cooking them very well, to make them tender and easy to digest.


Fish is also a rich source for proteins. You can eat fish like salmon and tilapia to fulfill your daily protein requirement. You shouldn?t however eat all kinds of fish. There are certain fish like shrimp, shellfish and a variety dry fish that will be difficult for you to digest.


Egg is a very good way to ensure that you have a regular protein intake. Your one serving of egg must include one whole egg, two portions of egg white or a quarter of an egg substitute. Reduce the intake of fat while eating egg by using non-stick spray to cook the egg. Eat egg with onions, spinach, meat or cheese for a complete meal rich in nutrients.

Peas And Beans

If you consume a cup of dried peas and beans you will be taking care of 16 grams of your daily protein intake. Add beans to your soup, broth and rice. You can also mix kidney beans with salsa and have it with rice. You can eat these sources of protein if you are vegetarian. Other sources of protein rich vegetarian food include tofu, soy burgers and peanut butter.

Milk Products

Dairy products provide you with both calcium and protein. It is better if you have the non fat version so that you do not consume too much fat after the surgery. Non-fat milk with sugar free, yoghurt and low fat cheese will provide you with almost 10 grams of protein. You can have skim milk with fruits for breakfast, which will be a meal high in protein; you can also have potato with cottage cheese. These foods are low in calories but you will be able to acquire sufficient amount of protein from them.

These five kinds of protein rich food items must be a part of your daily diet. Although these foods will surely help in making up for your body?s protein requirement before and after the gastric bypass surgery but taking just these foods are usually not enough. You may want to consult your physician and switch to bariatric supplements to fulfill these essential protein needs of your body.

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