5 Qualities That Top Leaders Share In Common As Per Jian Tam

Jian Tam
Jian Tam

We cannot talk about human progress minus human community. Any action that progressively impacts a community needs a leader. Then, who can be a leader? How does one become a leader? There is no single straitjacket answer to these questions. Here Jian Tam talks about 5 essential qualities of a good leader.




Goals cannot materialize without a proper vision. Leaders have a clear vision of where they want to see their organization in the next 3 years. They know what exactly they want to deliver to the community and how that can benefit them. Their vision captures every detail from ideation to execution to community reception of their initiative. Jian Tam maintains, “Vision is a roadmap that helps focus, motivate, and direct your team through all challenges.”




Communication is the fundamental pillar of a leader’s persona.  Communication can make or break your efforts to establish a connection or genuine relationship with your team. Frequent communication help share your vision with the team seamlessly. You build trust and earn the faith of the employees when you keep all communication channels open. “Talking from the podium does not help. You go share the floor with the employees, listen, and seek out genuine feedback,” says Jian Tam.




Empathy allows you the ability to perceive and relate to the thoughts and experiences of others. A leader value opinion and perspective that team brings to the table. When you recognize the pain points your team highlights, they see you working from a position of fairness and honesty. You build better rapport when you are sincere in understanding and supporting people in distress. Then, they see you as a friend and stand by your cause as a committed stakeholder in the process.




Good leaders own the result of their actions. They never shy away from accepting if things run downside. They seek out strategies to improve and progress. Accountability requires communicating, fixing expectations, and working on feedback across all boards. Leaders scan for fissures in any process across departments and deliberate with the team for a solution. Thus, it motivates the team to acknowledge collective accountability.


Creativity and Innovation


Leaders must have the courage to risk executing new ideas and innovative strategies. Success defines leadership. You cannot always succeed by repeating yourself on the beaten track. Good leaders are flexible and open to changes to accommodate creative ideas to solve problems.

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