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5 Secret Ways To Add Extra Touch Of Romance When You Walk Down The Aisle

Secret Ways To Add Extra Touch Of Romance When You Walk Down The Aisle
Secret Ways To Add Extra Touch Of Romance When You Walk Down The Aisle

The walk down the aisle is a poignant moment in any wedding ceremony, symbolizing the journey two individuals are about to embark on together. While this tradition holds timeless significance, couples often seek ways to infuse their wedding with personal touches that reflect their unique love story. So, how can you make your walk down the aisle romantic and unique?

Claudia from The Planner Co. discusses five ways you can spice up your walk down the aisle and make this special moment even more memorable.

Secret Sign Language

Couples can incorporate secret gestures into their walk down the aisle, subtly exchanging meaningful signals that only they understand. For instance, if you’re walking down the aisle together, you could gently squeeze each other’s hands to signify “I love you” or flash a quick wink to express excitement and anticipation.

Claudia says, ‘If you’re walking toward your future partner, you could incorporate a gesture that has a special meaning to the two of you, or even learn how to say something significant in sign language so that you can speak to them from a distance as you come down the aisle.’

Sentimental Accessories

Another idea is to wear or carry sentimental accessories while walking down the aisle. This could include wearing a locket with a photo of a loved one who couldn’t be there or donning a piece of jewelry gifted by your partner that holds special significance.

Personal Poetry Or Song

For those couples who are musically inclined or have a way with words, incorporating a poem or a song you wrote yourself into your walk down the aisle adds a deeply personal touch. Claudia suggests, ‘You could compose a short poem expressing your love for each other or choose a song that holds special meaning to your relationship and record yourself singing it to play while you walk down the aisle.’

Dance Steps

For couples who love to dance, incorporating a few simple dance steps into your walk down the aisle can add an element of romance and whimsy to the moment. Whether it’s a graceful twirl or a playful dip, these dance moves can symbolize the joy and celebration of your love.

Shared Scent

As a couple, you can choose a special fragrance or perfume that you both wear on your wedding day. Claudia says, ‘As you walk down the aisle, the scent serves as a sensory reminder of your love and connection, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere.’

Tips To Incorporate These Gestures Of Love

Respect Cultural Traditions: While incorporating these touches, respecting cultural traditions and religious customs is essential. You can adapt these ideas to fit within the framework of your cultural heritage.

Personal Style: Customize these gestures to align with your individual style and preferences as a couple. Whether you prefer subtle and understated gestures or grand and dramatic displays of affection, the key is to stay true to yourselves.

Celebrity Example–Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: During their wedding ceremony in Italy, Justin Timberlake surprised Jessica Biel by serenading her with a song he wrote specifically for her. This heartfelt gesture added a deeply personal and romantic touch to their walk down the aisle, making their wedding even more memorable.

Claudia comments, ‘Incorporating these romantic touches into the walk down the aisle enhances the ceremony and serves as a testament to the love and commitment shared between the couple.’

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