The online betting industry has been growing especially in recent years as more consumers use their smartphones to communicate, shop, look at all sports predictions, and bet online. Due to the pandemic, the number of online bettors has increased significantly as traditional bettors, sportsbooks move traditional betting online. While it’s safer and more convenient for both sportsbooks and bettors to hold and place bets online, there is a looming question of security when it comes to these platforms. 


How will you ensure that your data and privacy is safe and secure every time you place bets or withdraw winnings? How will you also ensure that the platform you’re betting on is safe? To prevent you from risking your data and money, keep the following tips in mind when betting online.

Only gamble on licensed betting sites

With more fake or scam websites popping out since more people bet online, many bettors have been enticed to sign up and bet on illegitimate and fraud betting sites. While there are plenty of reputable betting sites in the industry, there are still a few that manage to trick some bettors, especially new ones.


When browsing through betting sites that you can join, the first thing you need to look for is their license to operate. Most gambling sites display a seal of approval or certification confirming that they are licensed and regulated.


However, remember that many illegitimate betting sites can also display a fake certification.So, it’s important to know more about the website such as the company handling it, people running it, and its processes. Are their terms and conditions up to par with industry standards? Or do some of their rules raise an eyebrow?


When you spot inconsistencies or seemingly fake information, it’s best to avoid these kinds of websites to keep yourself safe and protected. It’s always best to stick to reputable licensed sites when betting online. 


Check the website’s security

Check if your betting site is secure with this one easy and simple trick. When you log into your account or when you withdraw or transfer your winnings, always take a look at the address bar.


Does it have the lock icon before it? If it does, it means the page you’re viewing has SSL encryption which provides a layer of protection to your data. This layer protects your connection from any other connection to intercept your data. It provides a direct and secure connection between your device and the server. 


With a lock icon present before your address bar, rest assured that any data you enter on that page will be kept safe and secure from malicious threats.


Use a secure payment method

Whenever you make transactions online, using a credit card or secure e-wallet is far more secure than your personal bank account. This ensures that, in case of fraud, you can easily cancel your credit card or transfer your e-wallet funds to another e-wallet or bank account. Linking your funds to e-wallet services rather than your bank account protects your whole savings in case of a breach.


However, the most common mode of payment when it comes to online betting are credit and debit cards. If you’re using a card, check if your card provider has protocols in place to retrieve your data or money in case of fraud or stolen funds. At least, in the unfortunate event that it happens, you can at least be sure that you get your money back or trace the culprit.


Change password often

Very few do this, but this is a must for bettors who use different betting sites to play. It’s a simple but effective countermeasure for keeping your betting account protected from online threats, especially if you play on different devices.


If you have several betting accounts, avoid the tedious process of storing and remembering your passwords by using password management tools such as LastPass. With this tool, youtube to keep passwords on any site securely, and use them via auto-fill when you need to log.


Lastly, remember to create strong passwords that consist of alphanumeric numbers. By creating strong passwords, updating them regularly, and keeping your passwords safely will protect your betting accounts from hackers.


Avoid downloading files or software

Take note that illegitimate betting sites require you to download software in order to retrieve an offer or place a bet. As much as possible, don’t download anything from betting sites unless they’re from reputable sportsbooks. The file might contain a virus or malware that could harm your device or account. So, do your best to avoid downloading any files, especially if they seem suspicious.

To keep your privacy safe, bet wisely and responsibly.

Indeed, technology is a game-changer for sports betting. Thanks to technology many can bet on their phones or computer at the comfort of their home. However, online bettors should always be wary because potential online risks and threats exist. 


Ultimately, what will keep bettors safe is if they carefully assess their betting options and the way they bet. The best course of action is to always bet at licensed and secure betting sites such as the reputable sites already known in the community. No matter how secure your connection or device may be, bettors should always be careful and avoid betting sites or actions that could compromise their privacy.

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