50 Unprecedented Disasters of President Mills


Compiled By: Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, NPP Activist

President Mills

It is argued that the philosophy of basic governance implies the attainment of the highest level of accountability, transparency, and integrity. These ingredients are said to be the major pillars in the architecture of governance. It is in the light of this that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) campaigned on a ‘Better Ghana’ manifesto in the last general elections. The manifesto focussed on four main thematic areas namely; building a stronger economy for real jobs, investing in people, providing transparent and accountable governance, and finally expanding infrastructure for economic growth. The NDC led by Prof. John Mills, assumed the reigns of governance on January 7, 2009 and on the 7th of December, 2012, the Ghanaian electorate will determine whether the current administration deserves another 4-year term. But before this is done, it is imperative to subject the Mills-Mahama government to proper scrutiny as a guide to the upcoming polls. Although, the NDC government has published a ‘Green Book’ that contains some ‘unprecedented achievements’, the propaganda book conspicuously failed to capture the following major points, which I have termed ‘unprecedented disasters’. I therefore present 50 of them for your perusal.

  1. Under Prof. Mills’ presidency, the founder of the NDC, Mr. Jerry Rawlings has been cleverly confined to the political cage because the NDC sees him as a ‘barking dog’. Flt. Lt. Rawlings is the man who single-handedly plucked Prof. Mills from obscurity to partner him in the 1996 general elections. He supported Mills to become president and this is the way the sitting president has shown his appreciation.
  2. Under President Mills, the government of Ghana has lost 14 high profile cases at a competent court of jurisdiction. This has cost the nation millions of Ghana cedis.
  3. Under Mills, a new ministry known as the ‘Ministry of Judgment Debt’ has been created. As a result GHC600m has been paid as judgment debt to unknown faces, which many believe are sympathisers of the ruling government.
  4. Under Mills, GHC51m has been paid to a party financier, Alfred Akwasi Woyome for no work done. The Mills-Mahama government seems to drag its feet in retrieving the money into the national coffers.
  5. Under Mills, a 94m euro (GHC225m or 2 trillion, 250 billion old cedis) has been paid to Construction Pioneers (CP) for no work done.
  6. Under Mills, the national debt has been increased from GHC9.6bn to GHC23.5bn in 2012. The GHC9.6bn was the total debt stock of the country since independence. This shows an increase of over 164% within the last 3 years.
  7. Under Mills, a record 1.6m jobs were ‘created’ between 2009 and 2011, though an Association of Unemployed Graduates has been formed in the country.
  8. Under Mills, a sitting president has been challenged by a party member for the party’s flag-bearership slot. The rationale for the contest was borne out of incompetence on the part of the sitting president.
  9. Under Mills, GHC90m has been spent on a party’s presidential primaries. A new mansion has also been built for the president though his Director of Communication sees it as a ‘token’.
  10. Under Mills, politics of insults, politics of intimidation, and politics of character assassination have overtaken politics of ideas and issues. Consequently, the Ghanaian nurse, the Ghanaian teacher, the cocoa farmer, Kumasi residents, and Christians have had their fair share of such verbal attacks. For instance, nurses are said to be unqualified, teachers are described as drunkards, the cocoa grower is assumed to be a villager (kokooase kuraseni), Kumasi residents are perceived as ‘uncouth’ and thus need to ‘broaden’ their horizon in Accra, Christians are believed to be ‘mad people’ because Tony Aidoo does not see why they speak tongues.
  11. Under Mills, political violence has reached a gargantuan level. The Atiwa episode, the Chereponi mayhem, and the Odododiodio and Agobloshie daylight genocide have all been recorded within the last 3 years.
  12. Under Mills, natural disasters of highest magnitude have been recorded. Apart from the incessant floods in Accra and northern parts of the country, the Akwatia mining disaster claimed 30 lives of ‘galamsey’ operators. Also, fire has gutted several private and government buildings, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  13. Under Mills, university graduates have been banned completely for two years from accessing public sector work due to IMF conditions. How could Mills provide 1.6m jobs to Ghanaians within 2 years? Hmmm!
  14. Under Mills, 5 military jets valued at GHC375m have been purchased, and Baba Jamal believes the jets could be used to fight armed robbery, and carry flood and accident victims. Also, a new party headquarters estimated at $20m is being constructed by the ruling government.
  15. Under Mills, a measuring ruler has been used as ultrasonic flow meter to measure the flow of Ghana’s oil. In the end the country lost over $555m in oil revenue.
  16. Under Mills, the country witnessed the worst BECE results over a decade as less than 50% of BECE candidates failed to access secondary education.
  17. Under Mills, 1st Year senior high school students were billed with wheel barrows, iron sheets, and bags of cement on their student prospectus.
  18. Under Mills, gargantuan crimes (in the form of corruption) are being committed against the state by NDC members and appointees. Corruption, according to Martin Amidu is unprecedented. Asiedu Nketia – block maker, Mahama Ayariga – tractor contractor, Alex Segbefia and his brother-in-law, Carl Wilson – imported vehicle clerks, Alhaji Muntaka – ‘kyinkyinka’, Joe Gidisu – car contractor.
  19. Under Mills, a sitting president has been given three (3) distinct accolades – “Konongo Kaya”, “Atta Mortuaryman”, and “Traitor”.
  20. Under Mills, Ghana has no national courier. The Ghana International Airlines has collapsed with no refunds to the passengers, but our president selfishly travels in a Presidential Jet.
  21. Under Mills, cocaine has turned into washing soda in police custody, a situation that undermines Mills’ determination to fight the drug menace.
  22. Under Mills, the Information Services Department could turn black sheep into white cow, thanks to the then deputy Information Minister, Baba ‘JIHAD’ Jamal. This same man sees himself as a ‘political joker’ though he is paid by the taxpayers’ money.
  23. Under Mills, Ghanaians are going through the highest form of economic hardship. All forms of taxes have gone up tremendously – electricity, water, gas, school fees, ‘akpeteshie’, road toll, fuel etc. For instance, a gallon of petrol under Mills’ presidency is illegally priced at GHC8, the highest in our political history. Prices of basic goods and services have all gone up – cement, iron sheets, rice, cooking oil, etc.
  24. Under Mills, mediocrity is celebrated. Square pegs have been put into round holes because the president prefers to surround himself with ‘boot lickers’, ‘greedy bastards’, and ‘Team Bs’, courtesy Alban Bagbin, J.J. Rawlings, and Spio Garbrah (all NDC heavy weights).
  25. Under Mills, Ghana for the first time experienced a complete darkness throughout the country due to power failure.
  26. Under Mills, government appointees view constructive criticisms by political opponents as insults. They retaliate by subjecting the main opposition leader to all forms of verbal abuse, yet the president sees no evil, hears no evil, and does no evil.
  27. Under Mills, GHC1.3m of the taxpayers’ money was spent on tea during the transition period, GHC5.6m on renovation of government bungalows, and $5m on NDC supporters to watch the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. A 6-unit classroom block that cost GHC80,000 in 2008 is now GHC300,000 though inflation rate is said to be a single digit.
  28. Under Mills, re-naming government buildings is a major achievement. For instance, the Golden Jubilee House is now Flagstaff House; Ohene Djan Sports Stadium is now Accra Sports Stadium.
  29. Under Mills, teachers have had their fair share of police brutalities. Whist some have been stripped naked in front of school children, others have been sprayed with hot water during demonstrations.
  30. Under Mills, fishermen on a peaceful demonstration against the government have been beaten and sprayed with hot water.
  31. Under Mills, there have been countless demonstrations and strike actions of labour unions – nurses, teachers, and even prison officers have complained to the NDC government about their poor conditions of service.
  32. Under Mills, Ghanaian doctors for the first time embarked on a 17–day strike action leading to the deaths of several Ghanaians. The Ghana Medical Association was branded as ‘murderers’ by NDC communicators and the ‘rented’ media.
  33. Under Mills, a ruling party is divided into GARI and OLONKAR groups.
  34. Under Mills, with just 6 months into general elections, a ruling party’s logo is being claimed by a member of the party as her own intellectual property.
  35. Under Mills, all-inclusive governance has given way for divide and rule tactics. With political vendetta, Ghanaians perceived to be political opponents are dismissed from their jobs. The dismissal 400 army recruits, Prof. Frimpong Boateng, and Dr. Nsiah Asare are just but a few examples.
  36. Under Mills, all Ghanaians have been deceived by the NDC propagandists as key promises made by the president have been reneged. Reduction of fuel prices, prosecution of Ya Na’s killers, STX Korea deal, and one-time premium are yet to be fulfilled (see 50 Top Unfulfilled Promises of President Mills).
  37. Under Mills, Ghana is divided into tribal and party lines. Volta Region has been reserved as the president’s 2nd home. Political appointments are skewed towards particular ethnic groups at the expense of others.
  38. Under Mills, development projects in Ashanti Region have come to a standstill. Portions of Sofoline and Anloga by-passes have turned into manholes killing school children on monthly basis. Ashanti, out of the 10 regions, is singled out for Mills’ health discriminatory policy, the ‘Capitation’ because the president fears the ‘Great Ashanti’ Project.
  39. Under Mills, women have been belittled, humiliated, deceived, and discriminated against. The 40% ministerial appointments to women was a faux. Gifty Lawson (a journalist), Ursula Owusu (an NPP firebrand), Amina (a mother of three), and Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, the sole competitor of President Mills in the NDC presidential primaries, have suffered from the anti-women posture of Mills-Mahama government.
  40. Under Mills, ‘causing fear and panic’ has replaced freedom of speech. Nana Darkwah, Alexander Adu-Gyamfi, Herbert Mensah, Amina, and Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong have faced BNI brutalities within the last 3 years.
  41. Under Mills, the country has seen complete waste and profligate spending. GHC48m has been spent on Nkrumah’s birthday; $3m as donation to Haiti, a $48,000 wrist watch to Obama’s wife, and GHC743m is being used to train only 250 doctors (200 of them are fresh SHS graduates) in Cuba.
  42. Under Mills, cholera outbreak has claimed over 1000 lives and the then Health Minister, Dr. Kumbuor saw it as normal. Motor accidents have also claimed over 3000 lives because the institution charged with road safety is being undermined by a deputy Minister of Interior, Kobby Acheampong.
  43. Under Mills, distribution of school uniforms, drinking cups, and building of basic school blocks through the GETFund and DACF are classified as unprecedented achievements.
  44. Under Mills, 2 public universities in Volta and Brong-Ahafo Regions have been ‘constructed’ within an ‘Action Year’.
  45. Under Mills, ‘Heroes Fund’ has been set up to motivate and cater for party members who will steal ballot boxes and get injured in the process.
  46. Under Mills, crime rate is high and has taken a different dimension. Strangely, armed robbers nowadays beat and rape their victims before the actual robbery, incest is on the increase, and Ghana is gradually turning into a homosexual country.
  47. Under Mills, Ghana occupies the 2nd position as the dirtiest country in the sub-region, though we were promised of a filth-free country within 100 days into power.
  48. Under Mills, our state institutions are being threatened and undermined. For instance, whilst party chairmen are hell-bent on ‘killing cats’, the Executive, headed by the president is trying hard to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling. Police officers are being sacked for checking over-speeding on our roads.
  49. Under Mills, weaknesses and failures of the ruling government are the making of the opposition party. Fuel shortage is blamed on the NPP. Gas shortage is the making of the NPP. High exchange rate, power failure, demonstrations etc are all NPP making.
  50. Under Mills, all the social interventions left by the previous government have either collapsed or are on the verge of collapse – school feeding, NHIS, free maternal care, NYEP, PSI, LEAP, metro mass transit, affordable housing etc.

From the above, one could see that the Mills-Mahama administration has not been honest with Ghanaians in view of the party’s inability to include these ‘unprecedented disasters’ in the ‘Green Book’. The economy, as Dr. Bawumia said, cannot be run on propaganda. Let’s change now and move Ghana forward again!

God bless Ghana! God bless the NPP!! God bless Kufuor!!!

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, Hull. UK.
A native of Asante Bekwai-Asakyiri.
An NPP Activist.
Official blog (www.katakyie.com) katakyienpp@yahoo.co.uk 07577626433

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