52 young people murdered by insurgents in Mozambique


The Defense and Security Forces of Mozambique (FDS) confirmed that 52 young people were murdered by insurgents in the country’s northernmost province Cabo Delgado, the local newspaper Jornal Noticias reported on Tuesday.

The massacre occurred in the first week of April in the village of Xitaxi, Muidumbe district where the victims refused to be enrolled by the insurgents, who later launched attacks on them, FDS spokesman for the Joint Command Orlando Mudumane told the paper.

“Recently, the evildoers tried to recruit young people to join their ranks, but there was resistance from the side of the youth. This provoked the wrath of the malefactors who indiscriminately killed, cruelly and diabolically, 52 young people in the village of Xitaxi, district of Muidumbe,” the paper quoted Mudumane as saying.

Several districts in Cabo Delgado have been going through such turmoil as a group of armed insurgents carried out attacks against civilians and military targets in the region from time to time since October 2017.

The FDS has called on young people to resist the attempts to make them join the group.

Mudumane said that the FDS urged all stakeholders to cooperate in the fight against the insurgents sowing terror and mourning, and provoking a general feeling of insecurity in the northern districts of Cabo Delgado.

The spokesman added that the FDS strongly condemned these barbaric and cowardly acts, and reiterated the FDS’s determination, readiness and total commitment to the fight against the insurgents and the restoration of public order and security throughout the country. Enditem


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