56 cases of rabies diagnosed in Mali in four years

Fifty six cases of rabies have been reported in Mali since 2010 out of a population of about 14,000 dogs in 2014, an official source said Monday.


The statement released by Mali’s Rural Development ministry on the occasion to mark the World Rabies Day, said only 5,337 dogs were vaccinated.


A viral disease, rabies is a zoonotic infection that is prevalent in various parts of the world, especially in Mali. The main carrier of rabies is a dog.

The disease is essentially transmitted to human beings through bites of infected domestic or wild animals.
The disease kills after infection because to date, there is no medicine for rabies.

“Even though the socioeconomic impact of rabies has not been understood in Mali, the disease remains a veterinary public health problem,” the statement said.

To limit the negative impact of the disease, the Malian government is working on measures aimed at “controlling or even eradicating it.”

They include regular vaccination of dogs and cats, offering immediate medical attention to someone bitten by a dog and taking all dogs that have bitten someone to the closest veterinary center for observation. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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