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8 tips to take your essays from beginner to pro level

8 Ways You Can Take Your Academic Essay Writing From Beginner To Pro-Level

Writing Essays
Writing Essays

Overcoming the Academic Essay Struggle: Insights from An Expert

Writing essays is a fundamental academic skill, yet many students struggle with the task. The essay-writing process can be daunting, from developing a cohesive thesis to structuring your arguments and refining your language.

Adela Belin from Writers Per Hour discusses practical strategies and valuable insights to help students confidently navigate their academic essays.

Why You’re Struggling

Adela says, ‘For many students, the struggle with writing essays stems from a lack of clarity in key areas such as thesis development, research techniques, and structuring arguments.’ Adela, an experienced writer, acknowledges these challenges and offers guidance to help students overcome them.

Adela’s Essential Essay Writing Advice

1. Start With A Strong Thesis

Adela emphasizes the importance of a strong thesis statement as the backbone of any essay. ‘Your thesis should be clear, concise, and arguable,’ she advises. ‘It sets the tone for your entire essay and guides your argument.’

2. Improve Your Research Techniques

Effective research is essential for supporting your arguments with credible evidence. Adela recommends utilizing a variety of sources, including academic journals, books, and reputable websites. ‘Be thorough in your research, but also be discerning,’ she cautions. ‘Not all sources are created equal.’

Before you use something, think about when and where it was published, and see how many times it’s been cited. Also, look at the qualifications and specialization of the person who wrote it to see if their experience is really relevant to the topic.

3. Structuring Your Arguments Correctly

Organizing your arguments cohesively is key to a well-written essay. Adela suggests using a logical structure, such as the traditional introduction-body-conclusion format. ‘Each paragraph should flow logically from one to the next, building upon your thesis,’ she explains. ‘Plan your paragraphs out in advance to plot the course of your argument so you know that each paragraph will build on the previous one. Don’t be afraid to move paragraphs around if they work better elsewhere.’

4. Refining Your Language And Style

Polishing your language and refining your writing style can elevate your essay to the next level. Adela advises students to pay attention to clarity, coherence, and conciseness. ‘Avoid unnecessary jargon and strive for precision in your language,’ she recommends. ‘Don’t use words you don’t understand, as there’s a chance you’ll misuse them.’

Adela’s Practical Strategies For Improvement

In addition to essential advice on essay fundamentals, Adela offers practical strategies for improving critical thinking, citation management, and the revision process.

1. Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills

Adela encourages students to engage critically with their sources and to question their assumptions. ‘Don’t simply accept information at face value,’ she urges. ‘Consider the context, biases, and implications of the ideas you encounter.’

2. Effective Citation Management

Proper citation is crucial for academic integrity. Adela recommends using citation management tools such as Zotero or EndNote to organize and format your references efficiently. Remember: consistency and accuracy are key when citing sources.

3. Engage In Peer Review

Adela advises students to seek feedback from peers or mentors during the writing process. ‘Peer review can provide valuable insights and perspectives you may have overlooked,’ she says. ‘It also fosters collaboration and a sense of community among students.’

4. Utilize Writing Centers Or Workshops

Many universities offer writing centers or workshops where students can receive individualized support and guidance from writing tutors. Adela encourages students to take advantage of these resources. ‘Writing centers can provide personalized feedback and assistance at any stage of the writing process,’ she explains.

‘Writing essays is not just about conveying information; it’s about engaging critically with ideas and constructing compelling arguments,’ says Adela. ‘By mastering thesis development, research techniques, and correctly structuring arguments, students can transform their essays from daunting tasks into rewarding intellectual endeavors.’

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