A Bangladesh performer dreams of spreading the message of friendship throughout the world

Photograph of Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury
Photograph of Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury

By: Jennifer Hicks

Bengalis by nature bear the hidden vibe of music and poetry within. They also have the ability to hold the dream of various colors and angles. To most of them though the colors of the dreams span within the territory of Bengal – which is known as an independent and sovereign nation named Bangladesh and another state within India named West Bengal. But some of the Bengalis really exhibits the broadness of thinking big – visualizing things target the world. Nusrat Sabrina Chowdhury is one of them.

She entered the entertainment industry almost six years back as a theater activist. Gradually she succeeded in establishing her presence as an anchor, a marketing specialist as well as a business consultant. She also has been contributing as a social activist, saving people from the venom of drugs. In brief, she holds a number of responsibilities from being an active member of the Bangladesh media as well as a socialist activist.

For the past few years, Bangladesh government under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been putting special emphasis on the empowerment of women. This has helped the Bangladesh women in holding top positions in various segments of the society as well as socio-economic arenas. For example, now the speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament is a female. The president of the apex body of readymade garment exporter’s association is a female. Amongst the Moslem nations, Bangladesh is the only country where women are enjoying their due respect and honor and also patronization from the society and the state in getting themselves more actively contributing to the ongoing prosperity of the country by holding important positions. Bangladesh now not only stands as the best example to most of the developing nations as the admirable success story of getting transformed into the fastest growing economy from being an economically struggling country. Due to such a favorable atmosphere, women are increasingly becoming active in various walks of life.

Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury is just another example of the Bangladesh women, who is thinking global and having a wide vision aside from her professional involvements. She wants to connect people of Bangladesh with the international community and contribute to letting Bangladesh people know the world by traveling, with Nusrat as the team leader. She definitely has the talents of emerging as the young Bangladesh ambassador of friendship to the world.

A friend of mine, who is a senior journalist and newspaper editor in Bangladesh, I first heard about Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury. To him, she is just Sabrin. For those years I have known him even from a closer distance, he is the only individual according to my judgment, who does not speak highly of anyone unless he or she deserves it. My friend’s narration of Sabrin made me initially curious and then interested in giving coverage to this young girl, who has lots of potentials, which requires to be explored and patronized. From him, I also came to know, he has decided to introduce Sabrin as a singer “very soon”. Wao! That’s exactly I uttered hearing it as I do know, he is not the man who would just select a girl to be his singer unless he discovered hidden talents in her. Initially, I thought, he must have known her for years. But giving me the next shock, my friend said, he met Sabrin over the social media just recently and have never even spoken to her yet – not to speak about meeting. Is this possible? I asked myself with a huge exclamation. How could a girl miss the opportunity of meeting a man like him, who has in his life transformed the lives of many and helped them in getting established in the areas of their dreams? Is she rude or failing to realize what a precious soul she has found?

To me, my friend is a true saint – someone with a pure soul and the willingness of helping people. He is charming, filled with enthusiasm and above all – a man totally down to the earth, despite the position and esteem, he enjoys throughout the world.

I could not stop me from asking – why are you so much interested in a rather unknown person? Is there any feeling within about her?

He laughed quite loudly and replies – “Jen, you know me for years. I always search for the pure soul and never an emphasis on who the person is and what is their profession. To me, the human being is important. No matter whether he or she is famous or unknown. No matter if he or she is a sinner. Even no matter if there are a series of failures in their lives. I make my best efforts in healing them from the pains they have endured from the society. Seeing Sabrin’s photographs, I instantly knew, one day she will be famous. Nothing really can (actually should) stop her. But of course, she deserves our help, support, and guidance. That is exactly what I am trying to give. I am trying to infect my unstoppable enthusiasm and confidence in her. Possibly she will accept it with arms wide open, or she may even turn herself back from me. It is totally up to her. She can accept or just fade-away from my sight”.

How can anyone without much skill in music sing a song written and tuned by you, when most of the very talented and famous singers in the Indian subcontinent are particularly careful and even nervous while singing yours, I asked.

He said, “Possibly I have been able to understand Sabrin that many might have failed. She is not just another girl, who would run after every opportunity. She is choosy and quite matured to differentiate between the truth and the false. I don’t say she understands me. Instead, she might be trying to do that. I hope, she will find her mentor in me – with unconditional trust. Though the song will be recorded in November, I have started believing, she will never let me down. Sabrin will uphold my fame by giving her a hundred percent to the song”.

What she can achieve being a singer, my next question.

My friend said, “Music is the only vessel that can easily help people in connecting others. Sabrin wants to connect with the international community. I possibly will ultimately lead her singing songs in Hindi and English in the near future. Through music, she will be known to the world. That’s my hope – that’s my determination”.

Sabrin truly is the talent that deserves patronization – from and outside Bangladesh. Her dream of traveling the world should turn into a reality in the nearest future.

Best of luck, Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury!

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