A Few Urgent Questions for Ghanaians and the NDC – Juliet Lakpor
Ato Ahwoi
1. Is it true that the then NPP Administration dealt leniently with Ato Ahwoi’s Cashpro and Cashtrade in a gentleman’s agreement between JAK and Ato Ahwoi?
2. Is it also true that because of the gentleman’s agreement between Ato Ahwoi and JAK, Kwesi Ahwoi, who was an integral part of the Quality Grain scandal, was whisked out of the country to take up an appointment in Uganda and was brought back to Ghana when the NDC came back to power? Poor Ibrahim Adam and Victor Selormey and Sipa Yankey were jailed and the Ahwoi brother walked free?
3. Is it true that Ato Ahwoi is leading an agenda between the “Fante Confederation” and the NPP to ensure that the Confederation and its appendages are protected should the NDC lose power?
4. Is it true that, the so called newly NDC headquarters in Adabraka, Accra-Ghana is owned by the Ahowi’s?
5. Is it true that the said NDC office is in the name of the company’s name operating Radio Gold? Thus, Network Broadcasting Company Ltd.
6. It is true that all properties bought for the NDC party in the name of the Ahowi’s, to enhance their presidential ambitions?
7. Is it true that to hide this agenda, Ato Ahwoi and Co. had to drive a wedge between JJ and Prez Mills using the paid PR of Government/Castle?
8. Where did Network Broadcasting Company, owned by Ato Ahwoi and his cohorts, get the money to buy TV3?
9. Is true that Ato Ahwoi is engaged in a massive Commodities business with his brother-in-law working with the Research Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Are they paying the appropriate taxes? What is Mr. Ahwoi’s relationship with the Head [or highly placed official] of the Ghana Revenue Authority? What work is this GRA Official doing for Ato Ahwoi?
10. Does Mr. Ato Ahwoi own arguably the largest warehouse in Ghana located on the Spintex Road?
11. Is it true that Ato Ahowi is a long time business partner and a personal friend of Frank Buah the world acclaimed drug dealer? And who helped them buy the building that houses radio gold in laterbiokorshie.
12. Is it also true that they used drug money from Frank Buah to finance the campaign of his brother Kofi Buah who is now the energy deputy minister aganist Hon. Freddy Blay?
13. Is it true that Kofi Buah as deputy energy minister is protecting the oil interest of the Ahowi’s at the Jubilee fields?

Kwamena Ahwoi
1. Is it true that he has resigned several times from politics [usually publicly declared on Radio Gold] during the days of NDC in opposition?
2. Why then did he jump into the transitional team to tele-guide appointments into key positions where the nation’s coffers could be fleeced?
1. Is it true that Totobi-Quakyi lied his way into the position as National Security Coordinator and tried to kill Captain Kojo Tsikata in the process?
2. Is it true that he was behind the Verandah Boys club which created division and led to Goosie Tannoh leaving the party and sending the party into opposition?
3. Is it true that he is one of the main architects behind the attempt to vilify Alfred Woyome?
4. Where was Totobi-Quakyi between 2001-2007 when the NDC was in opposition? Was he in London supposedly treating liver cancer without chemotherapy.
5. Is it true that, Totobi-Quakyi was National Security Coordinator in 1999 when he sold NDC out to the NPP and he is about to do it again?
1. Is it true that the Zoom Lion “protectorate” was transferred from JAK to Ato Ahwoi?
2. Is it also true that under the NPP Administration, GHS 85 million was transferred annually to ZL; and under the NDC Government, this figure has almost tripled? For what work done? And at what rate?
3. Is it not true that all these groups of people [spanning NDC and NPP] belong to the Freemasons? On the premise of “Scratch my back, I scratch your back”
4. Is it true that the Ahwoi brothers own ENI-Ghana, an Oil company with offices located in the environs of the Airport City, quite close to the Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra, Ghana?
5. Why is it that, all of a sudden, Kweku Baako and Kwesi Pratt are working together on this Woyome issue?
6. Is it not surprising that two persons who have, over the last ten years or so, been clearly at loggerheads [or at variance] with each other can now team up to attempt destroying the image of Alfred Woyome?
7. Is it true that Kennedy Agyapong started slinging mud at Alfred Woyome at the behest of Ato Ahwoi?
8. Is it true that Ato Ahwoi once swore that Alfred Woyome would not be able to “chop that money” in reference to the Judgment debt?
9. It is true that, Ato Ahowi was given 5million dollars out of the amount (37million Euros) paid to Waterville by the Government of Ghana?
10. Is it true that, OB Amoah and some members of the NPP was also given 1million dollars out of the amount (37 million Euros) paid to Waterville by the Government of Ghana?
11. Is it true that certain persons close to the Government conspired to twist the record and make it seem like Alfred Woyome had been paid an amount far in excess of what the court had originally ordered?
12. Is it true that the Labone offices for the Fante Confederation, nicknamed the Castle Annex, is the center to which all contract proceedings go?
13. Is it true that all their girlfriends are enjoying over there contrary to the very nature of His Excellency, the President that they are supposed to be serving?
P. V. Obeng
1. Is it true that P. V. Obeng was Board Chairman of the Ghana Export Promotion Council in the Kufuor regime and was also Chief Consultant for Kufuor’s President’s Special Initiative for Salt for Alan Kyerematen? Is it true that he benefited to the tune of five million United States dollars [$5,000,000.00] from that fund?
2. Is it true that P. V. Obeng just jumped from the GEPC to become Chairman of the Transitional team [from one Government to the next] to protect Kufuor & Co.
3. Is it true that P.V.O. has served in all Governments since the PNDC?
4. Is it true that in 2008, a Polling Station near P.V.O.’s building approached him for small support and he drove them away and locked the door?
5. Is it true that the son of PVO was engaged by the Research Department of the Foreign Ministry and has recently been posted to The Hague?
Kwesi Pratt
1. Is it not the case that when Kwesi Pratt’s agenda coincides with that of the NDC, then he speaks, as it were, in support of the NDC?
2. Is true that, Kwesi Pratt is not a Public Relations person for the NDC. When he postures as if he is supportive of the agenda of the NDC, is it not because he is apparently doing the bidding of his masters, the Ahwoi brothers and their cohorts? Loosely referred to as the Fante Confederation and their strategically selected appendages [to make it seem like a tribal agenda is not in the works]?
3. Is it true that Kwesi Pratt is working with the Fante Confederation [within the NDC] with the intention of hijacking the NDC to denigrate it and when his interests coincide with the NDC interest, he takes it up. So when his interests do not coincide with those of the NDC, what does he do?
4. Is Kwesi Pratt not the Intelligence Officer of the Fante Confederation?
5. Is it true that, Kwesi Pratt is one of those used to create tension between President and JJ Rawlings?
6. Is it true that Kwesi Pratt compares Notes with Totobi-Quakyi before going public?
7. It is true that, Kwesi Pratt Jnr., holds a Diplomatic passport given to him by the Ahowi’s?
8. It is true that the passport was provided him when he was embarking on a trip to Venezuela? And that when he returned to Ghana, he was re-isssued with another Ordinary Passport Number G 0081184 dated 31st January, 2011? What qualifies Kwesi Pratt for a diplomatic passport? The President MUST investigate this.
9. Is it true that Kwesi Pratt received a Mahindra vehicle via National Security?
10. Is it true that Kwesi Pratt’s son was employed by National Security without any relevant qualification? And that the son has been re-posted to the Research Department of the Foreign Ministry waiting posting as a spy abroad? And again that his son has been wrongfully assigned a Nissan Navarra pickup?
There is more to come; stay tuned!

Source: Juliet Lakpor (former intelligence officer) email: [email protected]


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