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A guide for caregivers to manage children’s emotions launched

Social Book Launch

A book to assist caregivers to understand children’s emotions and help them to be responsible and good patriotic citizens has been launched at Breman Asikuma.

Titled “My Child My Future”, the 75-page book called on stakeholders to be emotionally intelligent in dealing with children’s emotions to properly bring them up.

Mr James Kwesi Addison, the Author, explained that the book allowed
self-discovery in understanding the emotional dynamics of children and help build a positive relationship with them.

This ensures they built self-confidence and self-esteem that will make them resilient.

Mr Addison said the zeal and commitment for writing the book stemmed from people’s request to have a simple book on emotional intelligence.

“However, concerning all other areas on the subject matter, I decided to, first look at the emotional intelligence of children.”

“This is because children are the future leaders and the kind of social and emotional skills we sow into them determine how their lives will be shaped in the future,” he noted.

Hence, the book is fashioned to ensure that even without a formal curriculum and education to draw on; caregivers will be able to play their role to nurture children’s emotional intelligence competencies, he added.

“Emotional intelligence helps to understand and manage our own emotions to be self-motivated and at the same time, create positive interactions with children,” he said.

Mr Addison said children’s upbringing and development was one of the daunting, but joyous tasks, if the enabling environment was created.

Children could also develop emotional bonds with their peers as a key to childhood resilience, among others, he added.

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