A guide to Protecting and preserving your most precious images and video clips.


There was once a time when movies were recorded on video cassettes and photographs were developed on photo-stock paper. However, video cassettes were bulky and you needed a VCR to watch them on your television set. Photographs required a film, which then had to be developed at a studio in order to see how they turned out. Those were the simple days; however, things have changed quite a bit since then in terms of media technology. Like most other things, videos and photographs have gone digital. Today, most camcorders and digital cameras enable the user to record videos or take pictures and instantly upload those videos and imagery on to their personal computers, which also allow you to playback or view videos and photographs on your PC.

However, a drawback of digital media is that it can easily be copied, deleted, and viewed by anyone if it is left unprotected by the user.

This is especially true when your desktop computer or laptop is accessible by anyone. Take for example the following scenario: you just got married, and went on your first honeymoon to Hawaii, on your honeymoon you’ve managed to record and take lots of pictures and videos of you and your spouse having a great time. You upload your pictures and video clips onto your personal computer and save them onto a file located on your desktop. Without notice your relatives show up at your doorstep, along with their kids. You invite them in, and the kids run off into your computer room. While you are busy chatting with your relatives, the kids starts tinkering around with your PC and accidently delete your honeymoon folder, which contained all the videos and images from your honeymoon in Hawaii.  Finally after a few hours your relatives leave and you go back in your computer room to review your videos and images, only to discover that they had been deleted. All of your precious pictures and videos are now vanished and there is now other way to retrieve them. You could have easily prevented this from occurring if you had a file protection program installed on your PC, which would enable you to password protect folder.

 These File security programs not only enable you to lock files with password protection, but also enable the user to instantly hide or unhide specific folders preventing certain people from viewing and modifying your private files. The best file protection software also consists of an optional feature in which you can encrypt and back-up your secret files onto a server, which is accessible only by you. These file protection Sofwares are an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to secure their digital media from being tampered in any manner.  One file security program in particular that has been highly rated and has an online back-up option is Folder Lock.

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