Good day Your Excellency! Forgive me for using this medium to reach you. Regardless of the medium, I pray this letter reaches your desk!

Mr President, as a Citizen, I have observed with shame, the litany of ‘puny’, and sometimes cooked stories thrown at us by your Ministers and Other Appointees in your Government!

Enough to say that, the reckless penchant for throwing at us the useless propaganda by your men over issues concerning the past regime is most nauseating!

Your men are losing relevance and credibility by the day with the kind of propaganda thrown at us.

Mr President, your men have no shame! They demean your status as a Lawyer of repute as we are made to believe.

With the greatest of Honor, If you find anything wrong be it Corruption or Misappropriation and Mismanagement, kindly be frontal and deal with it in Court; after all you pledged to protect the Public Purse or?

The latest in the kitty is this issue of some 4 missing Harbin z9 Helicopters; before it was some fathom Gh7billion, then Cars, then various sums of money from COCOBOD, BOST, TOR and GSA!

Here we are and they are shouting over the roof top again over some 4 Helicopters!

Point of information and clue; Helicopters are not tomatoes sold in Agbogbloshie Market whose identities cannot be tracked or traced once used in Gravy or Soup!

Helicopters are fitted with
1. Unique Chassis/Manufacturers Code numbers

2. Fitted security based RFID Tracking Device

3. Licensed to fly only within certain airspace

4. In flight recording linked to a central system by the Manufacturers!

5. Unique Registration/Certification numbers both for international and local use

6. “Additionally, a GPS tracking device connected via SATCOM can continuously track the location of your helicopter whether it is stationary or in-flight.
SATCOM can provide personnel back at the base with the ability to “ping” the aircraft and receive a response, providing the exact location, along with speed, course and altitude.

This information can be further combined with map and satellite images.

SATCOM can also support many other types of voice and data communications at any altitude, even providing customer Internet connectivity and other in-flight points of service.

This information can also be sent to portable wireless devices virtually anywhere and viewed on a computer or a mobile device, such as a phone or PDA”

Ghana’s Four Z9 helicopters were purchased under the China Development Bank (CDB) Facility.

The helicopters were meant to ensure safety of Ghana Gas installations, provide surveillance services and also to conduct medical evacuation and search and rescue operations in the event of any accident in the oil and Gas sector.

Based on consensus from industry players, The Ghana Air Force was designated to operate and maintain the Helicopters and provide the required services to the Ghana Gas Company. Information available at the Ministry of Defence, Ghana Gas Company and other allied bodies in the sector.
Mr President, if you would just be careful to read, several online portals, TV channels published the receipt of the Aircrafts by the Military Eg.




The helicopters arrived and were commissioned by President Mahama and have since been in the possession of the Ghana Air Force.

Mr President, please be vigilant; your men, like one Reverend Minister said a couple of days ago, are very Corrupt and would use such diabolic means to outsmart you.

The paradox is also that since your Government, NPP, took over, many of your Ministers have been using these Helicopters like trotros all over the country; especially Lands and Defence!

Mr President, so at what point did the Helicopters got missing? Are your men saying the Helicopter were not part of the Handing over notes?

Mr President, you want to know where the Helicopters are? Ask your Defence Minister who is the worse culprit.

He uses the Helis as dropping on weekends carrying his girlfriends to and fro his constituency.


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