Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Reports indicate that in 2013, the Dominican Republic Constitutional Court ruled that those born in the D.R. to Haitian parents without legal immigrant status were not citizens of the Dominican Republic, even if in possession of a Dominican Republic birth certificate.

A public manipulative system is set in place to throw out or deport these citizens of Haitian descent by voting today. The outcome of the vote that observers fear will be manipulated is ongoing to determine their fate.

The DR government has also opened 30 deportation centers with buses ready to haul the immigrants to the Haiti boarder so they will cross over. Thousands of these Dominicans born to Haitian parents are in detention, waiting to be deported after the votes today.

A generation that has been born and raised in your country for over 100 years are now being asked to move to a place they have no physical ties and links with. Their roots are from Haiti alright, but this new generation does not know there. Which home and house do you want them to go and stay? What should they be feeding on? Which school will their children be going to? These and many other legitimate questions racking my head have caused me to address these words to the powers that be.

People of Black Descent in the Dominican Republic are also humans as any other people. Let us be careful therefore how we treat them today, because tomorrow is completely unknown to all of us.

We often forget history, so we need historians to be reminding us. An African wise saying sum it up that ?the people you meet on your way up are the very ones you will meet on your way down?.

The people who claimed to be owners of the land of America were once migrants themselves. The Gas of Ghana are said to be from Nigeria. And what about you that is reading this now? Do you per chance know your roots? Everybody is a stranger on this earth so we need to be careful when dealing with these ?xenophobic? issues. The United States of America itself is a victim of this crime; killing black folks like fowls of the air. Where is the world heading? Wickedness and barbarism have replaced humanism and the powers that be are sitting down unconcerned.

From my little ghetto in Ayo land I write to remind you that it is unfair to look on unconcerned. The United Nations and other international bodies should get up to protect humanity against the forces of destruction before it is too late. History tells of how King Pharaoh of old paid for his atrocities against the generation of Jacob that was there working for him with the life of his first born son. What do I mean by this? Nature always has a way of punishing those the ?ordinary men? cannot touch.

How can the labour force of your economy be thrown out and you expect to be prosperous as a nation? Very soon your own people will revolt against you because of economic hardship. Farms will lack labourers and other sectors of the economy will go down. The end result will be poverty.

South Africa recently caused what I will define as holocaust, yet the world is silent on it? The very people who suffered evil, yet fought to overcome it were seen committing the very crime they abhorred in the past. Who is paying for that crime? No one!.

In my little stay on earth, I have seen Liberians and Sierra Leoneans become Ghanaians because of war. Slave trade and inhuman treatment to people have caused men and women of all descents to live their homes, many against their will to become forced citizens of other lands. The same is the case of our brothers and sisters of black descent in the Dominican Republic today. The generation being sacked did not send themselves there so why are they being treated like things of no value? In this world and time, everything and everybody is very valuable. The cleaner is just as important as the medical doctor.

Lets Watch it!

Source: Emmanuel Kwame Tsedey


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