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Oguta Lake

Azumini Blue River Rose

Azumini is an ancient community in the south-eastern state. In this community, there is a beautiful, fascinating blue river which flows from the southern part of Abia State towards the edges of neighbouring Akwa-Ibom State. The water is branded ?Azumini Blue River? because it is blue, clear and appealing.

Tourists are always enticed by the bright and sparkling nature of the water; so bright that you can clearly see things beneath the river such as fishes as they swim around, the white sandy bottom and the bright colourful stones and pebbles lying in its bed. Canoe riders sailing from one end of the river to the other, its comfortable sandy beaches dotted with chairs, tables and barbeque grills, offer special pleasure to tourists who often relax at the bank to enjoy the unique works of nature.

Silicon Hill

Near the Nkpologu campus of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) is found the Silicon Hill- a very important deposit of the mineral called silica. The site, therefore, apart from providing a tourist centre, serves economic purposes.

The surrounding environment is very captivating with hills, valleys and plains beautifully wrapped up such that one cannot ignore its breath-taking views and awe-inspiring blend.

Oguta Lake

Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in Imo State, within the Equatorial Rainforest belt of Nigeria. Apart from being a wonderful tourist site, it is of enormous economic importance to the local population (the people of Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi, and Awo) as a source of water, fish and other water resources. It served as a Biafrian army maritime base during the Nigerian civil war of 1967- 1970.

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