Let me start this article by congratulating the elephant family for the massive win that broke the John dominance in Ghanaian president names – you fought a good fight and you deserve nothing below a win. May the good Lord help you deliver on your promises. As I mentioned in my last article before this election, I started 2016 strongly behind NDC. I wrote with all my heart to defend the party and was attacked by some of your members for taking such a stand. However at a point in time, I concluded that continuous support of NDC was against my own principles and convictions. The actions and inactions of the leadership was going out of hand; and as someone who believes in leaders serving than ruling, I just had enough of all that.

I made it known publicly on Facebook that I was not more with NDC and shall never support John Dramani Mahama anymore – I was told that it does not matter because nobody knew of my presence in the party in the first place. This decision did not go well with some people. They forgot all the defense I was putting up for the party. I became their number one enemy; they planned against my marriage and they planned against my character. People I trusted with my secrets started distributing them to their friends like wedding invitations; not only that, they added some lies to it. But I had one conviction that I am very proud of – when you are fighting for a good result with a clean heart, nobody can defeat you until he defeats Allah.

Now don’t think every friend of mine abandoned me when I took the unpopular but brave stand. There are some friends who understood my position and respected it. They came to me privately and told me their fears; but I defused those fears with questions that I shared with some of you to counter anybody talking about such concerns. Their main concern was peace in dagbong. They pointed out what happened in the 2000s and specifically the murder of the overlord of Dagbong – but as some of you can remember, I asked them about Bimbila Naa and Garize Naa who all died during an NDC regime. Most of them could not answer and as such were defeated. But one of them told me something that I had no counter question for – and this is why I am sending this call to you.

Let me make this clear – in 2000, I actively campaigned for CPP. I mounted platforms and campaigned for Dr Naser. But when our fowl turned to a dove – thanks to Dan Lartey, CPP, we threw our weight behind the NPP and I actually danced a lot when NPP won. My late cousin, Alhassan Kobli of Shishegu was there to support me, and I still have memories of that day as I danced to the Yaa Br3mo song! But after the dance, something really bad happened. May that never happen again!

Our king was killed – the overlord of Dagbon was murdered and Dagbong turned upside down. Some people blamed the murder of the overlord on NPP, but I stood up against my own uncle who was the chairman of NDC in Gbamabaya; the late Boting Naa Iddrisu Tia. I explained to them that I could not see how Kufour will benefit in any way from the death of a dagbong king. But they would not listen; I don’t know what it was, but my uncle cursed or nearly cursed me. I still don’t blame NPP for the killing – I blame the dagbong men who had the power to take or prevent such an actions. I am not sure Kufour would have deliberately given power to anyone just to kill a dagbong king. Logic does not accept that. But trust me, I shall never forgive anyone who had a hand in the murder of the king. It is not because he was an Andani king, I would have said same if it was an Abudu. I love our culture and traditions; and anybody who acts to tarnish it in anyway is my number one enemy.

Now dagbong youth from the NPP wing, what my friend asked me and I could not answer had to do with the lawlessness exhibited in Tamale by the youth after the murder of the king. People brandished guns and attacked one another. Houses were burned and deaths recorded. Tamale was like a war zone for that time period and almost everyone was crying for peace – including those who voted for NPP then. Indeed I don’t pray that my enemies witness something closer to those days. As my friend was recounting all this, I could feel the fears in me – but I had one question internally defeating the fears. I kept asking if that means NPP will never come to power again – and if it will, is there a way we can avoid it? With this again, logic defeated fears!

Now I do not believe that NPP is violent; but I believe 100% that the youth who did those things narrated above were violent and evil. I hope they are matured now and will not repeat same. My reason for not believing that NPP is violent is simple; the headquarters of NPP supporters is in Kumasi. They have their huge support from the Ashanti region – so if they are violent why was Kumasi not burning? You would realize that it makes no sense to conclude that what happened was caused by NPP as a party – it was caused by the mad people who thought the only good that can come from power is evil. This is why I am here to appeal to you.

For the sake of God, please let us use the influence, power and affluence we will derive from NPP’s win to develop Dagbong rather than destroy it. Let Dagbong remain calm and peaceful as it was before and during the election. If there is any way you want to show your strength, use it to bring development home. If there is any way you want to show your wealth, use it to better the lives of the masses; and if there is any way you want to exhibit your influence, use it to convince development partners and your men at the top that the north needs attention. That we need jobs, not guns; that we need schools not sheds to accommodate the unemployed and that we need nothing but development. It will be shameful, stupid and very damaging if your new status as a supporter of a party in power is bringing nothing more than murders and daily gunshots.

Prove to Dagbong and the north that NPP has a lot for us than what people think and say about it. Remember that people from the region, and Dagbong in particular would be eager to see how things go. Serve as checks over one another. If you see someone going astray, please call him to order. Tell them you did not win through violence and for violence; and tell them the party does not condone such madness! Tell your leaders not to protect people who misbehave; and do not attack police stations for arresting anybody who will choose to behave like an animal because NPP is in power – let us live the way we have been living. If you cannot help end our poverty, please do not add to it!

Remember that in Dagbong, chieftaincy issues are handled by the elders. There has not been any time in the history of Dagbong that the youth become opinion leaders in issues that have to do with chieftaincy. Let us allow the elders to sit together and mend whatever is going on. Our duty is to work and move the Kingdom forward not to destroy it.

Sadly, as I was writing this article, there were reports that the madness was starting. For God sake it adds nothing to us than telling the world how stupid, backward and violent we are. Well if there is anyone who enjoys being insulted and called names any time he travels beyond Kintampo, I do not enjoy such insults and names.

I want to be described as a northerner who can contribute meaningfully to the development of the country; not that guy going from house to house and town to town looking for a fight. I don’t want to be called an Accra northerner either, I just want to be a proud northerner! We must stop this and it must be now!!

I did not hide this concern from those of you who reached out to me. And I shall never forgive you guys (some of you are influential) if you sit down and watch others destroy our Dagbong. I also want to remind you that I have the promises the party made; we will be watching you and we will support you to succeed – but we will not let you take Ghanaians for granted. I know it is not going to be easy for you. We will give you time, but be aware that sometimes I will be too annoying for your liking. That is just me; I AM TOO VOCAL TO BE SILENT.

To conclude, let me extend my sympathy to NDC and advise that the party revisit its core mandate. Examine what its principles are and restructure itself for the next coming elections – I will be back to address this issue later. To NPP, congratulations for the deserving win – you fought well and you got the wages of your labor. In all this, Ghana won; it is no more NPP against NDC. It is Nana preparing to serve Ghanaians no matter their area of origin, the way they worship; how and what they speak and which party they support and or voted for. God Bless our motherland Ghana.

Source: Abubakari Sadiq Iddrisu (Zuu Bukali)

Certified Public Accountant – New York, USA

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