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The tongue never rot? is an Akan proverb which literally means; even though a man dies, what he says lives forever. Taking into consideration the famous ?I have a dream? speech by Martin Luther King Jr, Theodore Roosevelt?s ?Duties of American Citizenship? Winston Churchill?s ?We shall fight on the beaches?, John F Kennedy?s inaugural speech, Charles de Gaulle?s ?Appeal of 18 June,? Kwame Nkrumah?s ?Independence Speech,? just to mention a few, there is no doubt that this wise saying is nothing less than the truth.

When GhanaGist.Com first heard A Plus? Letter To The West, we knew he was not just an ordinary musician but a well lettered man who loves music.

The lyrics of the song cannot be put together by just any musician. In my opinion, it will pass for one of Africa?s greatest speeches. I was therefore not surprised when A Plus said to me in an interview that 12 Professors from the University of Barcelona visited him  and after used his song, Letter To The West as a case study in a national Geographics documentary about Africa and corruption.

?I sent a Letter To The West five years ago. I?ve waited patiently for their reply. By the grace of God, the US has acknowledged receipt of my letter and endorsed it. I will keep my fingers crossed and wait for the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and other western powers to reply. This is because I believe they are the powers that can put pressure on African leaders to end vices that have matched Africa one step forward two steps backwards and also ensure foreign aid effectiveness.? A-Plus told GhanaGist.Com.

He also said, ?It is the Tax Payers money, western countries give to African as aid and so it is the duty of every Tax Payer in the west to play a role in ensuring aid effectiveness in Africa. This is the reason for my letter to the west.? He added.

After years, the video still holds the record of the most expensive video shot in Ghana and can match any music video worldwide, thanks to the excellent work and creativity by Ghana?s Phamous People, directors of the video.

On August 19, 2013, I was not surprised when we learned on twitter that as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the famous ?I Have A Dream Speech? by Martin Luther King Jr, the US Embassy in Ghana decided to work till late until they got hold of A Plus and tweeted his song as his dream for an Africa free of corruption, oppression, abuse of office, dictatorship, accountability and the rule of law. Here is what they tweeted

?@USEmbassyGhana: We don?t want to close down tonight w/o #MusicMonday. Thanks @APlusghana for sharing this dream for Africa. http://t.co/AYy07UJgMp #IDream?


?The I Have A Dream speech is 50 years old. My letter to the west is only 5 years, and I?m very happy that it is being seen alongside such a great speech as championing a similar cause. One day, in the near future, the world would celebrate my letter and Africa would love me more for fighting for the well being of the ordinary man by keeping an eagle eye on the people we put in power. I?m the new fella. That is my inspiration?, delighted A-Plus said.

Finally, I?ve decided to be like Mr A-Plus. Why hasn?t this song won an award all these years? I even think he deserves a national award.

I also want to know why professors from the University of Barcelona showed interest in such a great Ghanaian talent but the political science department of the University of Ghana does not know about it.

Will we always allow foreigners to take our creativity and make it theirs? Do we have to wait on foreigners to tell us what is happening in our own country?

Or it?s just a matter of ?a prophet not being recognized by his people?? At this point, I will beg to be a ?Dr. Bawumia.? ?You and I were not there? Charter House and the various institutions have the best answer.

Watch ?A Letter To The West?:

Source: ghanagist

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