Nana Oye -LithurWhereas historians explain that Europe used the gun and bible to colonise the rest of the world from the end of the 19th Century, Europe and the United States (US) have, since the closing stages of the 20th Century, been using the spread of homosexual rights as a means of deepening their (im) moral grip on the rest of the world.

A Today newspaper columnist, Ti-Kelenkelen, has pointed out that the goal of the flurry of activity in US, British and French Parliaments to legalise homosexuality into a civil rights is to create in other countries a corps of educated homosexuals ? Homosexuals Sans Frontiers ? who they could also use to further the goals of globalisation.

Properly defined, globalisation is western governments using their political and economic strength to open up other countries to their multi-national companies, Ti-Kelenkelen also writes.

And by lifting up homosexuality as a conventional practice fit for educated people, the west expects to create ?allies? among the educated classes of other countries to help it gain deeper moral/psychological control of the world.

Whereas historians explain that colonisation took away the physical and economic freedoms of the colonised, the west appears poised to use homosexual civil rights to gain direct control over the moral sovereignty of other countries; history shows that any entity that controls the educated class in any country controls its moral/legal authority.

In his ancient book on strategy, The Art of War, the Chinese, Sun Tzu, states: ?Inside agents are enemy officials we employ [in our target countries.?]  And one commentator, Tu Mu, gives specifics of inside agents: ?Among the official class [of our target countries] there are worthy men who have been deprived of office; others who have committed error and have been punished.  There are sycophants and minions who are covetous of wealth.  There are those who remain long in lowly office; those who have obtained responsible positions, and those whose sole desire is to take advantage of the times of trouble to extend the scope of their abilities.  There are those who are two-faced, changeable and deceitful??  Tu Mu then points out that by corrupting such officials you can use them against their country.

And now coming out of Hollywood are more and more movies, such as Cloud Atlas, in which two men kiss intimately in ways that are highly suggestive.  That trend gained impetus through the movie, Philadelphia (1993,) in which a lawyer (Denzel Washington) successfully defends a gay (Tom Hanks) in court.  Washington was given an Academy (Oscar) Award for that performance.

Speaking in a BBC interview at the October 2011 Commonwealth Conference in Perth, Australia, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, modified his country?s foreign policy by saying any country that wants British financial assistance must respect the civil rights of homosexuals.

That year, Britain announced it is withholding a ?10 million financial package from Malawi, which had made a law declaring homosexuality illegal.

In July 2011, US President, Barack Hussein Obama, sent to the US lower parliament, House of Representatives, a certification cancelling ?Don?t ask, don?t tell,? a US armed forces policy on homosexuals that barred those who practiced it from disclosing such sexual orientation and also prohibited it.

Obama has made it legal to disclose homosexual status and still serve in the US armed forces, however, in an Al Jazeera social media discussion programme, The Stream, some homosexuals pointed out that the US armed forces are resisting the proper and full implementation of the new law.

According to reports on international news channels, the French President, Francois Hollande, last month put before the French Parliament a bill that will legalise homosexual unions and their right to adopt children.

Last Wednesday, the British Parliament also passed a law legalising homosexual unions, according to an Al Jazeera report.  Interestingly, some of Cameron?s Conservative Party colleagues abstained during the voting.

However, reports show that the majority of people in western countries are against the legalisation of homosexuality.  In 2004, Italians were enraged when scenes in the movie, Alexander, suggested the Macedonian hero, Alexander the Great, is gay.

Indeed, in the US, while the Democratic Party refers to homosexuality as a civil right, the Republican Party is expressly against it.

Speaking to Today and on radio, a lot of people concede that while God despises homosexuality and society frowns on it, some people practice it in private out of personal choice.  They, however, fear that legalising homosexuality into a civil right will create the general impression that it is okay, and that will pervert young people.


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