AASU Is Against Unbanning Of Gay Rights In Africa

All Africa Students Union (AASU)
All Africa Students Union (AASU)

AASU On Prime Minister’s, Mme Theresa May, Call On The Unban Of Gay Rights

The All Africa Students Union (AASU) has been concerned, with the constant pressures put on African leaders to adopt and implement policies regardless of the socio-economic and cultural realities of Africa.

Since the Slave Trade, through colonialism and neo-colonialism, the African people have been subjected to dehumanization and exploitation among others. They have been considered as beast of burdens which are destined to “serve, only, the interests of others”. More than 50 years after their independence, African countries are, still, entangled in socio-economic, political and cultural systems designed for them in the interests of others and to the detriment of the welfares of its daughters and sons.

These constant multi-dimensional aggressions against Africans, have been manifested, once more, at the just ended 25TH Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) held in London, England from 19-29 April, 2018 where the Prime Minister of United Kingdom called for the unbanning of Gay rights.

Either some refuse to recognize or not, we live in a multi-cultural world with various socio-economic realities. This reality must be accepted and respected by all if our collective desire is to have a harmonious and peaceful human society.

AASU believe that Africa needs to resolve more urgent matters such as hunger, diseases, poverty, illiteracy etc. than to be snared in diversional issues such as homosexuality in the name of human rights.

AASU condemns, unreservedly, all attempt to impose on Africans foreign cultures contrary to their own cultural values.

AASU calls on African leaders to unite and to put an end to any foreign imposition of any sort contrary to interests of their people.

Long live African Unity!
Down with uni-culturalism!

All Africa Students Union (AASU)

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