Ablakwa Continues To Disappoint The Youth


I am one of those who were happy President Mills gave the youth a chance in his government. The President appointed youthful people, some who had never worked after University. In fact, a particular one received his degree certificate in June 2009, after he has been appointed.


The appointment of youth was a change in the right direction. Those who have been appointed had a responsibility towards the youth of this country. Their actions and inactions while serving will influence decision-making of appointing authorities (political and otherwise) in the future. They hold the key to entrenching the culture of allowing the youth to be part of governance in both public and private sector. This has been the cry of the youth for many generations.


Little did we know that those appointed had a hidden job specification-“dirty jobs”. They say the most despicable of things without regard to the values our society holds dear. They do this brazenly like there is NO TOMORROW. Sometimes, when I watch or hear them, I ask myself, but for political power, will these misguided but fortunate youth be speaking and acting “just any how”? The lack of working experience could be contributing factor. You cannot help but appreciate why work experience is required for job vacancies.


I have been troubled to write this article because of some statements a Youthful Deputy Information Minister, Okudjeto Ablakwa is reported to have said about the demise of the NPP MP for Kwabre West, Emmanuel Asamoah Owusu Ansah.


The Youthful Deputy Minister, without any regard to our values of respecting the dead was emphatic that the death of the former Ashanti Regional Minister was the result of rumours that President Mills was dead.


?Anytime they say Prof Mills is dead, one of them dies? he told students and members of the Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN) chapter of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC) in Ho.


As a Youthful Minister of Information who has been given such a fine opportunity to speak to the youth of his party and Ghana at large, was this the best use of the opportunity?


May be the young minister has forgotten so soon about the numerous articles he authored prior to 2009. He took the high moral ground then. He chastised almost every political leader, not even President Kufuor was spared. Today, I will suggest that he gets copies of those articles, conduct a thorough assessment of his lifestyle by those articles and see if he will pass the test.

The NPP did not originate the death rumor. The editorial of the Monday, 25th June, 2012 edition of The Insulting Informer Newspaper (allegedly owned by The Silenced Koku Anyidoho) was emphatic that people within the seat of government started spreading the wild rumor about the President?s death through text messages. Apparently, there is some power play at the Castle according to the rented paper. There are people at the seat of government who think the shortcut to the Presidency is when President Mills is dead.


I am hear this people were part of the reasons why Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings contested the President in the Sunyani congress. The rumor was rife that President Mills cannot run for the 2012.Nana Konadu then smartly contested to remain relevant because others were visible because of the position they hold in government. She could not miss out on the opportunity. In fact, after the Sunyani Congress, another rumor was that the NDC will hold an Emergency Congress to replace President Mills. That also informed the ?Thank You Tour? by Nana Konadu. Readers will remember that at one of the ?Thank You Tour? meeting in the Central Region, Ama Benyiwa Doe, Central Regional Minister allegedly ordered for the event to be disrupted. That order was carried out even though Nana Konadu had paid for the venue for the meeting.


So, the rumor about the President?s death or health has always originated from power blocs within the NDC itself. The NDC is trying to make as much political capital as possible by accusing the NPP of spreading the rumor. They simply want to win public sympathy. The culprits are at the seat of government according to the rented paper.


To use such fallacious premise as reason for the death of a Member of Parliament is unfortunate and most disrespectful to the dead. It shows a high level of insensitivity to the family members of the late MP. With such disappointing attitude from the youthful minister, one wonder if all the youth of this country are good at in politics is ?dirty jobs?.


May God forgive him!




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