The University of Ghana Chapter of the Progressive Youth Movement (PYM), which represents the Students’ wing of the PPP wishes to tell the Deputy Minister of Information, Mr. Okudjato Ablakwa to concentrate on his job as the Information Minister and provide the masses, whom by obligation is required to provide them with proper and credible information regarding the execution of his responsibilities. We want him to know that politics is not about propaganda, trying to manipulate people’s cognition. It’s about ability to deal with what will put food on the table, a roof over our heads, cure malaria, create good jobs and generally help our people become prosperous.

We have been following closely certain pronouncements by Hon. Ablakwa, and we want to say that we are not in the least amused by the way and manner he talks. Instead of making productive utterances that will bring hope to the many impoverished Ghanaians, all he does best is to do the machete job for the Atta Mills – led government. It is sometimes difficult to understand whether or not Hon. Okudjato Ablakwa really knows the details of his job description as an Information Minister and whom his obligation is to? In many circles, where he usually plays to the tune of his paymasters and cohorts, he is considered a ‘good communicator’ because he can spew out barefaced lies, Propaganda, affronting comments and discourteous ones.  He has done this to Volta region chiefs and people and to the good people of Ga land.


Admittedly, that is what he is only good at. But we will not allow him to pour scorn on the sterling reputation of someone many Ghanaians have come to admire as such as Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom.  Politics is for serious people. Not for those interested in making unscrupulous comments, only to please their paymasters.


Just today, he is quoted in the Enquirer news paper to have said that Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom should apologise to Ghanaian Students. We want to ask, what for? Is it for the fact that Dr. Nduom suggested fairly that when he becomes president, he will stop the torturing of our school children on Independence Day and make it a day of joy and celebration of our people and turn it into an opportunity to promote patriotism? Or is it because he describes the Independence Day as a day having been turned into a day that people whose party is in power to show off while those in opposition frown as they look on and partisan demonstration? Are these Hon. Ablakwa’s qualms? This clearly shows that with people like him in authority, it shows that the NDC should not be taken seriously as they are not interested in the views of honest people.


For the avoidance of doubt, Dr. Nduom never said that the Independence Day should not be celebrated. He did not say that he would exclude Ghanaian students from the celebrations.  What he said was that when he becomes President, he will stop the parading and marching aspect of the celebration. Only countries like China, South Korea, Russia and others like them hold such march pasts and they do it to demonstrate their military power. What do we do march pasts for?  By the way, did Hon. Ablakwa even take his time to read the statement issued by Dr. Nduom on that day? We are not sure because if he had read it, he wouldn’t have passed such derogatory comments about Dr. Nduom.


Dr. Nduom said that he will encourage all of our people to engage in community-based activities involving everyone including traditional leaders and those from all walks of life. He will set an example for the nation to follow by hosting events that bring a cross-section of our people including leadership of all political parties, religious and traditional groups. Independence eve events at the community level will be encouraged and supported. Formal and Informal educational institutions and the media will be encouraged to put on programmes that teach and inform both young and old about our history, traditions and all the leaders who promoted the liberation of our people. No one will be left out. Unity, patriotism will be the key. We can do it under a progressive leadership.


We believe that Patriotism is not an act of standing in the sun to march while most of our people relax at home in bed to enjoy holiday from work. Patriotism is loving the Nation. Patriotism is about teaching the children to keep the environment clean. It is about teaching the children not to be corrupt. It is about instilling the love of nation in all aspects of our culture and teaching them about those who led the independence struggle.


Again, if Hon. Ablakwa doesn’t know, on that eve of the 55th Independence Day Celebration, 15 students at the parade grounds held in Ashaiman, collapsed or fainted as a result of torturing meted on them by the harsh realities of negligence on the part of authorities. For us, we will describe Dr. Nduom’s earlier suggestion as a ‘Prophecy of Better hopes’. Because he foresaw what was going to happen.


In the end, it is President Mills we blame because he refuses to call his ministers to order. It is his responsibility to ensure that ministers of state work diligently and honestly to ensure that Ghanaian interest is catered for.

Awake! Ghana.




Progressive Youth Movement

University of Ghana



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