Ablekuma Central Youth Organizer’s wrongful suspension overturned by REC

Ablekuma Central Youth Organizer

At a meeting last Thursday, the Greater Accra Regional Executive Committee (REC) reached a decision about the unjustified & illegal suspension of the Constituency Youth Organizer of Ablekuma Central.

Mr. Edwin Elikem Amenyeawu, also known as PRICELESS, was suspended by the Constituency Executive Committee signed by the Chairman for what they described as gross misconduct and failing to take counsel in the discharge of his autonomous duties.

In 2022 The Youth wing under the abled leadership of Priceless held its first youth general meeting on December 24, the eve of Christmas, with the goal of bringing together all 305 branch youth organizers from around the constituency to revive the party’s roots and inspire them to continue working to overthrow the corrupt, incompetent and insensitive NPP government.

Ablekuma Central Youth Organizer

The gathering was attended by the Greater Accra Constituency Youth Organizers, North-East Regional Youth Organizer-Comrade Kudus, Deputy National Youth Organizers Comrade Osman Ayariga & Comrade Ruth Seddoh, Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer Amos Amorse Blessing, and other party supporters, executives and sympathizers.

From the letter attached in this article, it is evident the Constituency Executive Committee of Ablekuma Central did not implement the proper provision of the NDC Constitution and did not understand its interpretation of to effect the said “suspension” in accordance with the law.

Similarly, in the Weija-Gbawe Constituency, the Chairman of the constituency suspended a deputy youth organizer and REC quashed the suspension and requested that the youth organizer be reinstated.

Some constituency executives adding to their submissions made it clear there hasn’t been any event in the constituency in a long while and believe Mr. Edwin Elikem Amenyeawu’s suspension has caused a standstill and its of no benefit to the party.

Ablekuma Central Youth Organizer

The suspension of Priceless, according to a letter dated March 2, 2023, “was not in accordance with due process and contrary to discipline procedure as contained in article 46, 48, and 49 of the party’s constitution. Also, they were informed that they had erred in using its authority to suspend Priceless rather than submitting a petition to REC. They also instruct CEC to give Mr. Edwin Elikem Amenyeawu (Priceless) his full rights as the Constituency Youth Organizer and return him to his employment as stated in the letter.

Priceless is no longer subject to any suspension as a result of the REC’s ruling, and he is free to carry out his legal duties as the elected Constituency Youth Organizer for the residents of Ablekuma Central.

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