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Abola Piam Tunmaa We Installs Nii Ayitey Agbee Nmei III as New Family Head

Abola Piam Tunmaa We
Abola Piam Tunmaa We

The Abola Piam Tunmaa We, one of the prominent royal families within the Ga State, has installed Abraham Nii Okine Nunoo, also known as Ayitey Agbee Nmei III, as the new family head.

The installation ceremony, held on April 27, 2024, marks a significant milestone for the Abola royal family.

Nii Ayitey Agbee Nmei III, who also serves as the Head of the Legal Committee for the Abola Piam Royal Council (APRC) in James Town, Accra, expressed his dedication to fostering peace among all descendants of the Abola Piam Tunmaa We Family.

In an interview, Nii Ayitey Agbee Nmei III shared his plans to organize meetings with various aggrieved family members across the family’s eight divisions. He emphasized the importance of honesty and understanding in his new role, aiming to build unity and resolve conflicts within the family.

The Abola Piam Royal Council oversees the administration of the royal family and comprises several committees, including the Executive Board, Legal Committee, Lands Committee, Financial Committee, Operations Committee, Traditional Affairs Committee, and Women Affairs Committee.

As the new family head, Nii Ayitey Agbee Nmei III highlighted the need for mechanisms to champion the royal family’s cause and collaborate with all concerned individuals and those in recognized positions.

Changes in the Royal Council

With the installation of Nii Ayitey Agbee Nmei III, the composition of the Abola Piam Royal Council has seen some changes. The Legal Committee is now chaired by Abraham Nii Okine Nunoo, supported by Emmanuel Nii Aryikwei Aryeetey, Ebenezer Akwe Nunoo, and Edward Ayaa Aryee. The Operations Committee includes Joseph Ahena Darku Nuoo (Nii Oblie Okai Awua, Abola Djaasetse). The Lands Committee members are Papa-Fio Nunoo and Mr. Alabi. The Women’s Affairs Committee consists of Aunty Oye, Akorkoi, Sister Akuokor, Aunty Ayikaa, Manye Ayeley, and Atofoye Norley.

These changes reflect the ongoing efforts to strengthen and streamline the leadership within the Abola Piam Tunmaa Royal Council, ensuring effective governance and the continued prosperity of the royal family.

The installation of Nii Ayitey Agbee Nmei III is expected to usher in a new era of cooperation and development for the Abola Piam Tunmaa We Family, promoting peace and unity among its members.

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