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Abu Kansangbata applauds Speaker of Parliament for protecting  public purse

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Abu Kansangbata

Mr Abu Kansangbata,a former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister has commended Speaker Alban Sumana Bagbin for taking steps to protect the public purse.

“His recent decision to reverse a parliamentary workshop on the post-budget statement showcases not only his institutional memory but also a commitment to prudently managing public funds. The reversal of the workshop, which was slated to incur expenses, stands as a testament to Speaker Bagbin’s commitment to responsible governance”.

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Mr Kansangbata said at a time when the nation grappled with economic challenges, his decisive action was a breath of fresh air and reflected an understanding of the current mood among Ghanaians and a recognition of the need to alleviate the burden on the taxpayers.

“One cannot overlook the substantial financial impact of Speaker Bagbin’s decision.

He has saved the Ghanaian taxpayer a significant amount, estimated at GH₵1.7 million by putting a halt to the expenditure. At a time when every cedi counts, this move resonates with the financial concerns of the ordinary citizens”.

He said although Majority Leader and the First Deputy Speaker justified the expenditure at the Rock City Hotel in the Eastern Region, their explanations seemed at odds with the prevailing economic challenges faced by the people, especially those affected by the government’s policy on Eurbonds.

“The irony lies in the fact that while some citizens face a 30% to 40% haircut on their Eurbonds, elected representatives seem hesitant to make sacrifices.

Speaker Bagbin’s principled stance, in contrast, highlights a commitment to the greater good.

The call for MPs to redirect the saved funds towards essential public services, such as supporting Korle-Bu and aiding those in need, echoes the true spirit of public service”.

In a political landscape where self-interest often preceded, the actions of Speaker Bagbin and the minority in parliament provided a ray of hope.

“ Their commitment to redirecting funds for the greater good should be celebrated by all Ghanaians who yearn for leaders genuinely dedicated to the welfare of the people”.

He called on the MPs to prioritize the needs of the suffering and displaced by appealing to the MPs to collectively support the flood victims in parts of the Volta region.

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