Academy2Earn Founder Gurvin Singh Dyal Shares Ways To Leverage Technology To Learn

Gurvin Singh Dyal
Gurvin Singh Dyal

Instagram remains a popular platform for entrepreneurs. According to Instagram’s statistics, half of all of Instagram’s users have visited a website to purchase something they saw on the social media platform. Modern-day entrepreneurs have to tap into these trends and build from them. Luckily, the social media site has made it easy for entrepreneurs to learn and put things into practice. Gurvin Singh Dyal, an Instagram entrepreneur, has made his name by teaching others how to make money using legitimate business methods. His professional site Academy2Earn has seen a lot of traffic, but Gurvin represents a new breed of emerging entrepreneurs that is less about making money and more about passing on what they’ve learned.

A Prodigy Entrepreneur

Gurvin started off living in London as a poor student. He wanted more out of life and realized that it would take a lot of effort on his part if he wanted to achieve these goals, so Gurvin slowly started to teach himself how to make money online through eCommerce and drop-shipping. He provided for himself and his family through this lucrative business, crossing over $500,000 in online sales over 15 months. At the young age of 22, Gurvin (Mr. Gurvz) is an inspiration to all people who have decided to follow his Instagram and partake in the courses he offers.

As a young entrepreneur, Gurvin faced several challenges that he had to overcome to become the inspirational figure he is today. According to him, his most prominent victory was going beyond what those around him thought he could do. His success comes from delving into areas that, traditionally, he would never have explored. Thanks to the opening of markets and the ease of doing business online, Gurvin Singh Dyal has managed to create success after success with each of his businesses. The internet has given him a lot of leverage to earn, and his investment into learning how to properly leverage eCommerce to make a profit has returned massive dividends to him.

Starting From Fundamentals

Gurvin’s start in online business was with online sales. He taught himself the basics of sales and marketing and then slowly started to delve into the world of eCommerce. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development mentions that the global eCommerce market is worth more than $25 trillion. Gurvin managed to carve out his own niche, hitting a relatively stable $1,000 per month after just a few months. However, he soon realized that scaling up the operation would be in his best interests.

With the sheer volume of individuals online looking for good deals, all it would take to guarantee sales would be a good product and proper marketing. Luckily, Gurvin’s experience with dropshipping set the stage for him to use his knowledge to start making money. However, it wasn’t at all smooth sailing at the start; Gurvin struggled to make money at the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur. Even when they run into lean times, though, it’s important for new entrepreneurs to keep pushing.

Using the Internet to Learn and Fuel Income

Gurvin realized that he would have to multiply the business he was already doing to be successful. He needed a more professional site and one that would increase the results of his sales engine. As the enterprise started to grow, he had to manage his business’s growth and expansion all by himself. Additionally, coaching others in what he was doing was taking up a lot of his time that he couldn’t dedicate to making a profit from his online company. He solved this by creating Academy2Earn and setting it up so that those who subscribed would benefit from his knowledge with specific goals for one-on-one coaching.

Gurvin’s current success sees him helming multiple six-figure businesses, and he presents his story to his students as proof that it can be done. His methodology revolves around him putting the time and effort into building his businesses during the free time he had while reading for a degree. He believes that anyone can do what he can. His coaching focuses on teaching his students to emulate his success by following the same strictures he did. Gurvin believes that putting in the work now can help his students reap the rewards later. “Nothing in life is easy,” he says, “but the effort you put in comes back to you in business.”

An Inspiration to Others

Gurvin has always thought that the only barrier to success is one’s own initiative. He believes that all entrepreneurs can do what he did, no matter how little they have to start. That’s what he aims to communicate in his course materials from Academy2Earn. Today, Gurvin Singh Dyal continues to expand his business, with the hopes of doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales a month. For any new entrepreneur, his story is an inspiration and proves that one doesn’t have to be born into money to make an impact. The internet has democratized earnings and created a true meritocracy.


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