Coat Of Arms Of The Republic Of Ghana
Abolish The Ministry Of Information Now!!-part I

One of the major challenges of governance in our part of the world is that, often the majority of our people, who mostly live in rural areas, are cut off from the elitist debates on content and direction of state policy.

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ghana
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ghana
Even though parliamentarians by their constitutional mandate are to be the channel through which the concerns of the grassroots are brought to attention, and through which the President accounts to the people, we all know that in practice, the backward and forward relationships between parliamentarians and the constituencies are weak.

Again, even though the President executes development programmes through his ministers, often the feedback from the President’s appointees on ongoing projects tend to be inaccurate, at best, misleading, as happened in the case of a certain road project in the Volta Region which according to the President’s 2016 State of the Nation address was completed, but which subsequent verification exercise proved was nowhere near completion.

This is precisely why in spite of the widespread accusations of President Mahama’s ‘Accounting to the People’ tour as an abuse of incumbency, the Public Agenda believes that the President’s initiative to go round the country, inspect on-going projects, commission those that have been completed, meet with the chiefs and people to hear their concerns and development aspirations, helps to bring governance to the door-step of the segment of our population we often refer to as grassroots. The tour also affords the President an opportunity to verify the true state of affairs of projects he has initiated through his ministers.

It makes good sense to the Public Agenda, that towards the end of his term the President should go back to the electorates to tell them how well he has discharged the mandate given him.

We will however want to suggest that, the President and his tour organizers consider town hall meetings or what under Ex-president Kuffuor was referred to as ‘Peoples Assembly’ as part of his outreach, so that ordinary people could go and ask questions, seek clarifications, and make proposals on how their current situations could be improved.

It is indeed the wish of the Public Agenda that, future governments will emulate this laudable concept of accountability to the grassroots.

Source: Public Agenda



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