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Accra 2023 ECK Seminar
Accra 2023 ECK Seminar

President of Eckankar Nigeria Nduka Nwagbo has underscored the significance of the Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom, 2023 ECK AFRICAN SOUL ADVENTURE SEMINAR, which opened from Friday throughout the weekend in Accra.

This is the first-ever post-COVID-19 African Seminar to be held by ECKANKAR.

According to him, the 3-day seminar has served as a powerful catalyst for personal growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with the divine Almighty God.

The theme of the Seminar was Your Life is a Spiritual Adventure.

About four thousand (4,000) participants attended the three-day event.

They were both Eckankar members (ECKists) and invited guests from all the continents of the world: Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia, and the Far East.

This was held at the beautiful Temple of ECK in Okponglo, East Legon Accra.

“The participants and attendees have indeed benefitted immensely from the profound impact of the ECK African Soul Adventure Seminar for their personal spiritual growth and enlightenment,” he said during a media interaction at the Seminar.

He added: “The 2023 ECK African Soul Adventure Seminar has drawn individuals from diverse backgrounds coming together with the shared goal to explore the depths of their spirituality and embark on a transformative journey with God.”

Touching on ECKANKAR Nigeria he said as the President of ECKANKAR Nigeria, his sole responsibility is to help the regional ECK Spiritual Aide RESA Nigeria to organise the administration and programs of ECKANKAR in Nigeria including the Vahana Missionary Programs that is the outreach programs.

“I’m really glad to be in Ghana. My role as President of ECKANKAR Nigeria also include the organisation of the local area and regional chapters which we call the ECKANKAR Centers of Nigeria, in order to carry out the activities of ECKANKAR, and to let the public know about ECKANKAR and our spiritual activities especially those who are interested in exploring the teachings of ECKANKAR which is the path of spiritual freedom.”

He said ECKANKAR remains relevant to society in all aspects of life.

“ECKANKAR talks about the highest of ethics which express love towards all humans and everyone we come across.

We believe that you have to use love in your life to deal with other citizens. I’m talking about human love, helping hands to divine love, patched love which represents charity.

We also teach about the best of conducts as humans and how to relate to people. It also means that treat all humans equally as you want others to treat you in living an exemplary life for others to emulate,” he explained.

He went on to add that “the human is a Soul, not the physical body you wear; you are Soul, created in the image and likeness of the Supreme Being, and you exist because of GOD’s Love for you.

As such, you have a direct link to God, through singing “HU”, the most beautiful prayer. HU is the most sacred, ancient, and secret name of GOD.”

Some participants shared their experiences.

“I am here because this conference is organised only once a year; I’m here to share in the love of ECKANKAR and to also express my love towards others,” one Francophone participant from Togo shared his thoughts.

One youthful participant also shared how God manifested himself to him in a dream when he lost his grandfather.

“I was mostly raised by my Grandfather so I became very sad and was always weeping. But I had a dream and my Grandfather appeared in my dream to console me and told me that he is happy where he is, since that encounter, I stopped being sad and this was possible through ECKANKAR.”

Another attendee stated: “I must say the ECK AFRICAN SOUL ADVENTURE SEMINAR has so far been very spiritually fulfilling and enriching. I joined ECKANKAR about 15 years ago.

I have benefitted so much from ECKANKAR as a youth and as I transition into a young adult, I have realised ECKANKAR is a very practical religion so you have to be practical if you desire to get the needed results.”

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