Accra Criterium set for March 30

Accra Criterium
Accra Criterium

This year’s edition of the biggest cycling gathering, Accra Criterium has been slated for 30th March, 2024 at the Accra sports stadium.

Aimed at unearthing and rewarding potential talents, the 30 laps (105KM) race is expected to attract over 200 riders in both categories. With participants from all corners of the globe, the highly anticipated event would witness pure display of skills as well as compete for the prestigious titles.

Rideafrique, geared towards expanding to the whole African continent, providing first-class cycling events and experiences. With its mission to promote cycling as not only a means of transportation, but fitness, and adventure, RideAfrique envisions a continent where cycling is not only a recreational activity but also an integral part of daily life.

The championship will also test the endurance, strength, and strategic thinking of cyclists as well as pushing them to their limits as they strive to outperform their competitors.

With support from the Ghana Cycling Federation, Rideafrique championship has gained immense popularity over the years, becoming a staple in the cycling community. With its challenging routes, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling atmosphere, it has become a must-attend event for both professional riders and enthusiasts alike.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of RideAfrique, Mr. Richard Agu, stated that suitable measures have been outlined to ensure the successful hosting of the event.

Adding that, it would also serve as a platform to promote and highlight the importance of environmental conservation.

“We have meticulously planned every aspect to ensure a seamless experience for both participants and spectators. Safety measures, including medical support and assistance vehicles, will be in place throughout the race to guarantee the well-being of the cyclists.

“In addition to the intense competition, Rideafrique championship aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices. The event will be held in partnership with local conservation organizations, highlighting the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the regions through which the race passes”. He added.

He also disclosed that, due to the popularity and level of the competition, top competitors from other neighboring countries are also expected to participate. However, putting in traveling measures for all foreigners.

“Due to the high volume of foreign cyclists enquiring about the event, we are anticipating a significant increase in international participation. The event has gained popularity worldwide, attracting cyclists from various countries, eager to compete in this prestigious competition.

“Based on the growing interest from overseas, we estimate that the number of foreign participants will surpass previous years’ records. The exceptional reputation of this event, coupled with the breathtaking routes and challenging terrains, has captured the attention of cycling enthusiasts worldwide”. He disclosed.

“To accommodate the surge in international participants, our organizing committee has been working tirelessly to ensure a seamless experience for all involved. We have partnered with travel agencies specializing in sports tourism to facilitate the logistics and travel arrangements for our foreign participants”. The CEO Richard Agu added.

He again added, “we have collaborated with language experts to provide translation services and multilingual support throughout the event. We understand the importance of effective communication in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants.

According to him, deserving winners would walk home with cash prizes among other products.

“Well, we are thrilled to announce that there are incredible prizes up for grabs, including cash prizes and a home trainer set, which also includes a RideAfrique cycling Jersey. The cash prizes are sure to add an extra level of excitement to the event. Participants will have the chance to win a substantial amount of money, making their efforts and dedication even more rewarding. Whether it’s for their personal achievements or to support a charitable cause, the cash prizes will undoubtedly make a significant impact”.

“In addition to the cash prizes, the home trainer set is a fantastic prize for cycling enthusiasts. With this set, participants can continue their cycling journey from the comfort of their own homes. It includes a top-of-the-line home trainer, providing a realistic cycling experience, and the RideAfrique cycling Jersey adds a touch of style and pride to their cycling attire”.

Mr. Richard Agu also expressed his profound gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the organization of the event.

“We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our partners, the media, and all the cyclists who have believed in our vision. With your support, we are confident in our mission to make Ghana the gateway to Africa and the premier cycling hub. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a brighter future for cycling in our country. Thank you for your continued support and belief in RideAfrique. Our partners have played a crucial role in helping us bring our vision to life. Their unwavering support and commitment have enabled us to develop and expand our cycling initiatives in Ghana. We are truly grateful for their collaboration and dedication to our cause.

“The media has also been instrumental in spreading awareness about our mission and the positive impact we aim to create. Their coverage and support have helped us reach wider and transformed our community into a supportive and inclusive environment. We are grateful for your continuous support and dedication to our cause. Together, we can continue to spread the joy and benefits of cycling to a wider audience and inspire more individuals to join our cycling community. Thank you for amplifying our message and promoting our cause.”

In addition to organizing cycling events, RideAfrique also intends to invest in infrastructure development. The organization recognizes that for cycling to become more accessible and widespread, proper cycling infrastructure is crucial.

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