Accra And Filth

wpid-waste-3.jpgAccra is said to have stayed by plan, but one may asked what plan has been planned to eradicate the trash that litters the street like nobody’s business.
Walking down the street in Accra, I am overwhelmed by all? the trash that litters the street.
Trash and waste are everywhere or ubiquitous in Accra especially Korle Gonno beaches.Accra is the capital of Ghana and is modern city, yet there is garbage all over from Korle Lagoon, Korle Gonno beaches from its inception to its finite.
????There are many reasons for this:Lack of proper sanitation.Only 66.4% homes have toilet facilities in Korle Gonno Accra.Only,30% have flush toilet facilities. The average person in Accra has to share toilet with 10 or more persons in public latrines.
Besides, lack of plumbing has also led to huge amounts of waste being dumped on the Korle Gonno Street in Accra.
??? However. waste removal is for the wealthy because they can afford it.Only 60% of the population has regular waste collection.As of?may 3rd. all the refuse dump sites were closed.Because of this open sewers and rains were full of trash.Most of the pipes are in polluted gutters. Broken or vandalized ones are open to germs.
? Moreover, lack of proper education and public awareness about causes and prevention of diseases. There is a lack of information to the public about how diseases spread because of germs and poor sanitation.Most people are not aware that Accra’s trash which does not bring any cash problem is a thriving cause of many of its diseases.
In 2008, if most of us will remember. over 700 us dollars were spent on treating? malaria in Ghana. The figure has not slowed down.Malaria is the the number one health problem all over Ghana, especially in Accra.
? ? Furthermore, Malaria accounted for 53% of Accra’s illnesses last year. As of may cholera has claimed 94 lives. There have been 8,494 cases reported in Ghana. The cholera outbreak has been directly linked to a lack of proper refuse dumping sites and improper disposal of waste. It is my believe that, if assemblies implement their sanitation by law it will help curb all these trash.
?Currently, Accra and other larger cities face a 125 chance of a cholera epidermic. Frequent occurrences of the outbreak happen because many homes, work places and public places do not have facilities. So where does Accra go from here? The biggest problem facing Accra is that of mindset.
??? Accra people need to adjust their mindset to the changing times.It is? no longer OK to throw trash on the ground and in their gutters.People must educate themselves on the dangers of inadequate sanitation and begin using garbage containers.
??? Finally, authorities from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A. M. A) must implement proper sanitation planning. Without the above Accra will continue on its cause with diseases and death.
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