HIV Positive persons need to work to earn their living

Ho, Jan. 30, GNA – Persons Living with the Acquired Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) must work to earn their living because they have the right to do so, International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Ghana, has stated

This was the consensus at a workshop organized by the Federation for paralegals and directors of non-governmental organisations in HIV/AIDS in Ho recently.

FIDA said that was important because the Global Foundation had served notice of the cessation of its financial assistance towards the management of people with the virus.

Participants at the workshop observed that some of those with the virus were reluctant to engage in any form of work arguing that they were not supposed to engage in work that would exert their energies and aggravate their conditions.

Some of the HIV positive persons were also said to have argued that financial support was being extended to the NGOs in HIV/AIDS to take care of them and that the NGOs were exploiting their condition to get rich.

A representative of one such NGO said he tried but did not get one of his clients to engage in the NGO’s poultry and pepper farming projects to generate some funds.

The workshop participants said this posture by some of the HIV positive persons was due to the initial impression created that they would be taken care off.

They, therefore, called for more education to disabuse the minds of such persons to appreciate the fact that there was dignity in earning ones living through work because HIV status was no excuse for being lazy.

The resource persons from FIDA urged the paralegals to encourage HIV positive persons to inform them about infringements on their property and inheritance so that FIDA would fight such infringements on their behalf.

They observed that women who are HIV positive were more concerned with their daily survival than infractions on their rights to property and inheritance as women and wives.

The resource persons urged the paralegals to establish close working relations with NGOs in HIV/AIDS so that their presence and work could be much felt in their communities.

They also urged the NGOs and the paralegals to educate their HIV positive clients about the world-wide realities of funding for HIV/AIDS activities.


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