Some few weeks back, news broke that actor Eddie Nartey took to his heels when he was shooting a documentary at the Awudome cemetery in Accra. Eddie Nartey started preaching on Hello Fm when Dave hammer, host of Hello Entertainment review started asking him questions as to how things happened.

He said that shooting a movie in a cemetery is not a small task. He admitted the fact that, it wasn?t his first time of shooting in a cemetery but as for this particular one it was strange. He said for his first time , he was  on the same set with John Dumelo, Kofi Adjorlolo and other movie stars . But for this particular documentary, since it was a short documentary, he was the only actor and also the only one walking through the cemetery with the production crew far away. ZionFelix Entertainment News and its readers will all admit the fact that most people are afraid of being at the cemetery

?What are human beings fighting for if this is our end?  If we shall all visit the cemetery one day why do we hate each other? All we need to think about is salvation because everybody can die at any point in time. We don?t know who ever is going to follow our late president so we should all seek for salvation? he said.

He also added that all those who were with him at the cemetery were quite. No one could talk as they used to talk signifying they were all afraid

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