So the gist here is Beverly is on the set of a new movie and apparently, cuddling a snake is in the script and she had to do it. At least, she isn?t cuddling a South African guy with hideous hair.

She said
?Most daring role I chose, in my face shows confidence but my heart is about to explode.. I try to challenge myself for the love of my job and the confidence I ve in GOD.. I STAND OUT..I AM AN EXTERMIST ..BLACK DIAMOND.. TO carry a life python?eish baba..?Hmm ?.still fighting my fears ? This is a tip of the ice berg Wat i go tru on set everyday?feeling dat snake move on my body ?eww so disgusting. .. God dey.. My mum says i can do it i can..mummy sussy?s ginger.. Now u see not easy. make urdaily bread..?


Source – GhJoy.Net


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