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Ada Songor Lagoon: Traditional Council Misinforms Public Over Ownership – Terkpebiawe Clan Chief

Ada Songor Lagoon
Ada Songor Lagoon

Nene Dadebom Anim II, Chief of Salom in the Ada West District has debunked the Ada Traditional Council’s statement that the Ada Songor Lagoon is jointly owned by the four major clans of Ada saying that the Traditional Authority is misinforming the general public.

The four Clans:  Terkperbiawe, Adibiawe, Lomobiawe and Danbiawe he said are not joint owners of the land rather the Terkpebiawe Clan are the rightful owners of the Lagoon.

He told journalist at the inaugural ceremony of Coastal Belt Branches of ‘Ada Songor Lagoon Association (ASLA)’ on 31 March, 2022 at Kablevu in the Ada West District.

The Traditional Authority in a response letter to the Minister of Land and Forest in 2002 noted that: “By immemorial, customs and traditions of the people of Ada as recognized in various judicial decision of the court of Gold Coast and Ghana, the true owners of the Ada Songor Lagoon has been and are still the people of Terkperbiawe Clan of Ada”, as captured in the letter.

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Contrary to the 2002 statement, the Traditional Council last week declared in another statement in the media that: “The Songor Lagoon is collectively owned by the Terkperbiawe, Adibiawe, Lomobiawe and Danbiawe Clan of Ada with the Paramount Chief having special interest and supervision role over all the ten clans within the Ada Traditional Area”, as noted.

In response to the new declaration by the Traditional Council, Nene Dadebom Anim II, said the later information by the Traditional Council has no prove which he stressed that the Terkpebiawe Clan is the only in the Ada land that can claim ownership of the Songor Land.

Nene Dadebom who is also a sub chief of the Terkperbiawe Clan added that, by rulings and other judgements, the Songor Lagoon and its adjoining lands belong to the Terpkebiawe Clan led by Libi Priest.

“There are rulings, arbitrations and judgements that show that the Songor Lagoon and its adjoining lands belong to Terkperbiawe Clan only headed by the Libi Priest and no other person again and what the only right of the Paramount Chief is to just give his signature as a witness to every execution over issues concerning the Ada Lagoon”, he noted.

He said, the concerned people will not indulge in using any violence means to address the case hence government must step in to investigate the issue as the highest authority in the country to let peace prevail.

Nene Dadebom Anim II also expressed the hope that, the association together with the Terkebiawe Chiefs will win the Songor Lagoon case to own back their livelihood and their property.

BY; Nicholas Tetteh Amedor


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